DayZ Standalone: E3 2013 coverage
Bohemia Interactive General visitted the BI booth on the E3 2013 and had a talk with Matt Lightfoot about the DayZ Standalone.
Part two of this video will be released later this week.

    Quote :
    Finally we can show you an in-depth demo of DayZ Standalone. Matt Lightfoot walks us through a lengthy demo of what's new in the standalone. From crafting to motorbike helmets, this is the definitive DayZ video you'll see out of E3 2013.

Dean Hall has been busy too and one of the things he did was sit down with the people from Machinima during a live broadcast discussing the DayZ Standalone.
The part with Dean Hall starts at 04:44:12!

And of course we have some screenshots to present you, enjoy!

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Written on 2013-06-12 09:15 by Armaholic  

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