Coop mission : Last Resolve by MoRo

MoRo submitted his Last Resolve co-op mission.

    Quote MoRo :
    This mission is a coop sneak in and assassination mission. With a Para LZ and scuba insert, you sneak into stratis air base, search and kill the officer. The air base is low on guard, but with some patrolling guards and gate keeper(most of enemys are inside their barracks). I always like to make a sneak and stab mission, so i make this one, the main feature is sneak and kill, you can sneak around the enemy(keep your distance more than 10 meters), you can fire your weapon behind walls or buildings, and doing this won't alert the others.

    • Sneak and silent kill during night, low profile gaming
    • Parachute and Scuba insertion

Written on 2013-07-01 11:18 by fenghan213  

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