Legacy of Cold War updated beta
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mukcep released an updated beta of the Legacy of Cold War pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote mukcep :
    All models are unbinarized. This is a set of aviation-addon templates.
    You can change these addons for RV-engines (only) with showing the original authors (contains in readmes). You can so adapt, sign and release own addons based on these samples (Just do not forget the authors in the readme).

    This pack contains many many bugs. If you wish to fix it - Forward!
    Please do not report about bugs to me. Most of them i have already know.

    • An-22
    • An-225
    • An-26
    • B-1B
    • B-2A
    • B-52H
    • Myasistchev 3MS
    • C-5 Galaxy
    • HP-80 Victor
    • Il-76TD
    • Project 903 Ekranoplan Lun
    • T-50 PAK FA
    • Sr-71A
    • Su-24M
    • Tu-16
    • Tu-95MS
    • U-2S
    • CVN Ulyanovsk
    • Project 12322 Zubr

Written on 2013-07-08 14:45 by Mukcep  

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