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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-10-03 23:04

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ILS (Instrument Landing System)

Script which makes that airplanes can land with ILS (Instrument Landing System) ,just like in real life.

1 - Copy "ofpec_ils" folder into your mission folder.

2 - The description.ext file of your mission should have the following:
class RscTitles
	#include "ofpec_ils\ofpec_ilstitles.h"
	// Add here anyother title needed for your mission

	#include "ofpec_ils\ofpec_ilsdialog.h"
	// Add here anyother dialog needed for your mission

	class CfgSounds
	   sounds[] = {};
	#include "ofpec_ils\ofpec_ilssounds.h"

	// Add here anyother sound needed for your mission
3 - In the init field of any plane or chopper you want to be ILS capable:
this addAction ["Call ILS", "ofpec_ils\ofpec_open_airfieldselector.sqf"]

Vertical and horizontal bars point to the current landing waypoint. If vertical is bright green your heading is correct, if horizontal is bright green, your nose angle is correct. Try to form a cross with its center located at ILS HUD's center for an accurate approach.

The square and the circle may help you to align with the landing waypoint from the correct direction. The circle is between the current landing waypoint and the next one, the current landing waypoint is between the circle and the square, so if you head first towards the square, and then turn to align with the cross bars, you will end already aligned with the next landing waypoint, with the cross bars center close to the circle.


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