Author: [Bkmz] & OTK
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Requirements: G85 Editor Update (included), Civilians by Mongoose (included) & Furniture (included)
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Version: 1.0
Date: 2007-10-04 15:41
Submitted by: Big

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(Bkmz) & OTK

In the beginning of 1989, Sahrani was a troublesome place... Riots, famine, unemployment were destroying it from the inside... Leaders were coming and going, with only aim to steal as much money as they could, retire and leave somewhere far away...

At this time, on the island forgotten by the god, the history of our hero begins...

- 16 missions campaign.
- Full voice acting.
- East side.
- 3 addons needed (all included in the download file).

Extract the GloriaEngVer.pbo file to your ArmA\Campaigns folder.

Place the pbo files inside the addons folder in your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method to launch them (recommended).

Thanks & Credits:
hanks for translation to English: Q1184, Sevan, StumbleR.

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