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Version: 0.8.5

Short description: HGFramework is designed to easyly create missions that are similar to the concept of the Hunger Games. Missions shall be creatable very fast even for people who are NOT familar with the mission editor!

Date: 2013-08-27 10:45

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HGFramework [BETA]


HGFramework is designed to easyly create missions that are similar to the concept of the Hunger Games.
Hunger Games Book
Hunger Games Film
Missions shall be creatable very fast even for people who are not familar with the mission editor!
All you need to do is install the HGFramework, open the editor and copy&paste some markers.

  • Revive
      - revive dead people
  • Mag Repack
      - press ctrl+r to repack magazines
  • Foldmap
      - press shift+m to show a map
  • VAS
      - some supplyboxes are virtual ammoboxes so do not use inventory on them, use "Virtual Ammobox" instead
  • Group Management
      - group up with other players, you also can disallow other players to join you
  • Remove Dead
      - dead players are removed after some time
  • Eat & Drink
      - search food or water barrels and use the action drink/eat, if you are to hungry/thirsty you will not be able to run or even get damage over time, the faster you move the faster hunger/thirst increases (exponential)
      - go prone and use the sleep action, if you are to tired you will not be able to run or even you fall asleep, the faster you move the faster fatigue increases (exponential), the more fatigue you have the longe you will sleep (exponential)
      - if you have to much damage you get damage over time, heal yourself to stop it
  • Timeacceleration
      - time is accelerated with a factor (60 by default -> 1 real life second = 1 ingame minute)
  • Marking enemies
      - markers are placed near enemies and updating
  • Loot
      - random loot
  • Vehicle spawn
      - random spawn of vehicles & boats & helis
  • Paradrop
      - some loot and vehicles are paradropped
  • Borders
      - each player leaving the allowed area will be killed
      - you can exclude areas from the allowed areas
  • Jump
      - press "space" while running to jump
  • Temperaturesystem
      - temperature increased during day
      - temperature decreased during night
      - temperature increased if running
      - temperature decreased if walking/standing
      - temperature decreased if in water
      - temperature increased if near burning campfire (no vehicles!)
      - temperature increased if player has infected wound
      - thirst is increased if temperature is high
      - thirst is decreased if temperature is low
      - hunger is increased if temperature is low
      - hunger is decreased if temperature is high
      - damage is dealt if temperature is too high or too low
      - if temperature would change away from normal temperature the change is reduced to obtain stability (excluded: fire, water, infected wounds)
  • Configurable
      - highly configurable via mission parameters in hg_params.h or even during missionselection
  • HUD
      - minimal custom HUD to show informations like thirst/hunger/...
      - HUD using DayZ icons
  • Moveable explosives
      - explosives can be moved
      - drop them by pressing "space"
      - rethrow grenades
  • Infected wounds
      - wounds can get infected and deal damage over time
      - chance is linear depending to damage
      - infected wounds can be treated with medikit

Missionfolder is <harddrive>:\User\<username>\My Documents\Arma 3\missions\<mission name>.<world Name>
Copy all contents from the HGFramework_0-X-Y folder into your mission folder.
Rename one of the following files to mission.sqm.
* example_stratis.sqm / mission.sqm: example for Stratis (recommended for first try)
* example_altis.sqm: example for Altis (recommended for first try)
* template_stratis.sqm: minimum mission for Stratis (recommended for a mission creation)
* template_altis.sqm: minimum mission for Altis (recommended for a mission creation)

* Launch ArmA 3
* Click on Editor.
* Doubleclick on the map you want a mission create for (or view an example).
* Press CTRL+S.
* Enter you mission's name.
* Click on OK.
* Follow Installation-instructions
* Press Ctrl+T.
* Press F6.
* Search the colored dots around Agia Marina (Stratis).
* Where a black dot is placed, the players may be teleported at missionbegin.
* Where a orange dot is placed, a random lootbox will spawn.
* Where a red dot is placed, a special lootbox will be paradropped from time to time (really good loot).
* Where a blue dot is placed, a vehicle will be paradropped from time to time.
* Where a white dot is placed, a boat will be paradropped from time to time.
* Where a yellow dot is placed, a heli will be paradropped from time to time.
* Where a green dot is placed, a possible safezone will be placed (zone where players have to escape to after some time).
* Click on one.
* Hover the mouse direct over that one you clicked.
* Press Ctrl+C.
* Place the mouse where you want it. Do not place lootmarkers in buildings because the crates will spawn not correctly.
* Press Ctrl+V.
* Repeat until all dots are where you want them. You can move them by drag&drop.
* Delete (hover mouse over dot and press del) all unwanted dots (In general those who already were there when you opened the editor. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!).
* I recommend to place a lot of orange dots (>50), 1-5 black dots, ~7 red dots, ~3 blue dots, 1 yellow dot, ~7 green dots. Depends on missionsize and may vary a lot.
* After all, doubleclick on all green markers and give each one a good name like "Camp Tempest". The names are shown when the deathzone warning pops up.
* Press Ctrl+S to save the mission.
* Press Ctrl+Shift+S.
* Enter a missionname.
* Select "Export to multiplayer missions".
* Click on ok.
Congratulations!!! You created your first multiplayer mission with HGFramework!

For advanced users:
All missionparameters can be changed on missionstart. Read hg_params.h for description of each variable. I recommend to edit the defaultvalues to fit with your missionbehaviour.
If you want to customize the framework and have questions just ask me.
If you want to set up borders, place some markers that mark the whole area where players may walk. Give each marker a name (allowed1, allowed2, ...). In the init.sqf put the names commaseparated in the brackets:
hg_allowedAreas = [allowed1, allowed2];
If you want to exclude an area from the allowed area create a marker give it a name (disallowed1) and add this to init.sqf:
hg_disallowedAreas = [disallowed1];
Borders will be activated on teleport and deactivated when the deathzonewarning pops up.
I recommend to set good defaultvalues for the framework variables because on missionstart most people will use the defaultvalues! Dafultvalues can be set in hg_params.h.
If you want to change the loot, helis, boats, vehicles look in the following files and edit some values:
* CODI\hgf\variables.sqf
* VAS\config.sqf
* CODI\hgf\loot\paradrop\*.sqf
* CODI\hgf\init\initPlayer.sqf

If you add/delete a weapon to/from hg_loot_weapons, you also have to add/delete a magazine to/from hg_loot_weaponsMagazines.
To set up a minimum missiontemplate place a few blufor medics, place one marker of each color (black, orange, red, blue, white, yellow, green) and place a trigger which includes the whole landscape and name it "allowed1".

Feel free to leave comments, give me feedback, send me a pm or ask questions in the HGFramework Development Diary Thread.
The HGFramework is hosted and developed on github.

General Missiondesign:
At startup all players have a little time to group up with other players if they want to.
Then all players will be teleported to the arena.
All players only have uniform, map, gps, radio, watch, compass.
There are 8 mines around each player so do not move!
The mines will be deactivated after some time.
Around the start are also a few lootcrates. But only in the middle are weapons.
The mission is finished when all players except one are dead.
There also may be lootcrates around if the missionmaker placed it.
After some time all players are warned for a sudden death. All players have to travel to a defined location or die.
It is important to find water/food!

Copyrightissues / Namingconvention:
To not get in trouble with copyrightowners of Hunger Games I recommend you to not name your mission "Hunger Games" or so.
Instead I recommend you to name it for example "dm@24_Hangar-Games_1-0-0". I also saw a mission called "Hunting Games" and the Minecraft "Survival Games".
Be creative but better do not use "Hunger Games".

Known Issues:
- temperatursystem still not implemented (MAJOR)
- hg_params.h needs to be refactored (MINOR)
- hg_variables.sqf needs to be refactored (MINOR)
- crates at start disappear one after the other instead of together (MINOR)
- ai on dedicated server is not teleported if ordered to stop (WILL NOT FIX)
- lag when mines deactivated in editormode (WILL NOT FIX)
- supportbox contains items that are not added by my script when running on a dedicated server (WILL NOT FIX)
- VAS on start contains items that are not added by my script when running on a dedicated server (WILL NOT FIX)

Credits & Thanks:
BIS for ArmA 3 & scriptingreference
Foxhound for Armaholic & editing the frontpage
feersum.endjinn for Arma Unpbo Tool
Giallustio & Crasso & Lucky44 & =BTC= for =BTC= Revive v0.93
zuff for Group Management Script v1.1
Outlawled for Mag Repack v2.1.3
Celery for CLY Remove Dead v28
MAD T for MAD FadeToBlack
Armaholic-Community for helping
Mr-Murray for ArmA Editing Guide
Armaidiot for a lot of Youtube Editor Tutorials
Nicolas & GossamerSolid & Sanjo for Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting
Taosenai & Dslyecxi/zx64 for Tao Folding Map v2.1
austin(medic) for testing on a dedicated server & reviewing my code & Reveal Script
Tonic & Kronzky & SaMatra & Dslyecxi & Tyrghen & naong & Coding :D for Virtual Ammobox System v1.5
Terox for dedicated server tutorial
Pirin for helping me fixing my addAction distance bug
tehcyx for the name "Hangar Games" (I like it a lot!)
hanne.2k for testing
ProGamer & Zooloo75/Stealthstick & F2kSel for Realistic Jumping/ Running Vault Script v0.4
XuXu & Hege & darky for testing on dedicated server
zooloo75/Stealthstick for Bullet-Wind Interaction System
Xeno for a nice piece of code concerning paramsarray
exit1 & BAS for the first live test
zorilya for 3D Explosives Interface
Marc-Oliver Straub & Marco Binder for sleep.paa
vBurak for editing sleep.paa
DayZ Team for the hud icons for hunger/thirst/temperature/damage

=BTC= Revive was created by Giallustio (I just configured it)
Group Management Script was created by zuff (I added 2 new files and changed the other files to fit my changes)
MAD_FadeToBlack (nearly copypasted into my sleepscript together with parts from =BTC= Revive)
Mag Repack was created by Outlawled (I just converted the addon to a script)
Tao Folding Map was created by Taosenai (I just converted the addon to a script and made it fit the framework)
CLY Remove Dead was created by Celery (just using the script)
VAS was created by Tonic (just configured and using it)
Realistic Jumping Script was created by ProGamer & Zooloo75/Stealthstick (just using it and changed usage from "C" to "space" and disabled doubletap)
Reveal Script was created by austin(medic) (just added an isDedicated check and changed the sleeptime)
In Depth Damage Effects was created by austin(medic) (improved it and fixed some bugs)(not in use anylonger)
Bullet-Wind Interaction System was created by zooloo75 (only minor changes)
3D Explosives Interface was created by zorilya (only using it)
hungergames.paa is an edited version of this wallpaper
sleep.paa is an edited version of this icon
most hud icons (except sleep) where made by DayZ Team

Change log:
* changed: removed ratingsystem
* changed: completely refactored folderstructure
* added: option to disable NV/TV for vehicles
* removed dead code from ui.h
* fixed: hud disabled when killed
* worked on revivesystem
* added: icon based hud (DayZ)
* added: food & water at spawn (examplemission) to show how it looks like
* added: more localization
* fixed: multiple minor bugs
* added: own post-process-damagesystem
* removed: austin's damagesystem
* README.txt separated in multiple files, now used again and up to date, -> and README folder
* added: mortar backpacks to special items
* added: recommended serversettings
* added: fieldmanual entries (untranslated)
* updated: explosives interface 1.1 fixed
* added: logging

HGFramework © 2013 Daniel Tkocz, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
s license only affects files in the root folder (including files, excluding subfolders and files in it) and the HGF folder (including files, including subfolders and files in it, excluding files ending with .paa, .ogg).
You are not allowed to change any variablename or variablevalue in "hg_variables.sqf" whos name starts with "hg_license_".
You are not allowed to edit code if its execution is dependent of a variable which name starts with "hg_license_" if the variablevalue is false.

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