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General visited the Bohemia Interactive Studios and sat down with Karel Morický to talk about different aspects of the game and what we can expect to get once the Arma 3 game is released. In the article they are talking about:
  • Release this fall
  • Campaign is not included with the official release and will be released for free later for everyone owning the game
  • It will come with different multiplayer and singleplayer missions which will give you a good look of all content in the game
  • Functional cockpit (in the Strider) and functional elements
  • Talking about Stratis and how much it looks like in real life
  • Talking about the underwater aspect of the game, the further you go from land the less details are build in under water
  • The weapon balancing, ballistics and the AI are at the moment the most important aspects of development
  • Trying to find a balance between realism and gaming
  • Talking a bit about the realistic artillery (placed on the map physically)
  • Sniper mission and talking about the modular weapons
The second part will be about the factions, Armor, Gunships, drones, sandbox and the Alliance-System!

With the article they have also released a new video showcasing what they have been talking about, you can view it here (sadly embedding for some weird reason seems to not work).

Additionally a whole bunch of new screens:

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