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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.44

Short description: Taskmaster is an attempt to have a more flexible way to create and update tasks in your mission.

Date: 2015-06-21 20:55

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Taskmaster 2


Taskmaster is an attempt to have a more flexible way to create and update tasks in your mission.

- The script is server driven; all task additions and updates are called on server side. All changes are broadcasted to players in one array variable. This enables more work to be done only on server, since most of AI-related things happen there anyway. This way the number of triggers placed goes down, as they are unnecessary for clients (players). Number of publicvariabled variables goes down also.
- Only one eventhandler is created instead of one per task.
- As tasks are kept in an array, no global variable is created for each task.
- No "call compile format" type of coding.
- Variables used to check for task states and statuses are replaced with functions, cutting down number of global variables.
- Usage simplified; briefings are easier to create, some parameters are made optional.

Installation / Usage:
Find detailed instructions in the release thread:

I still don't have time or motivation for the game. So, I have not tested this script in A3 myself. However, I will do my best to make this work if there are bugs/changes needed.
I'm sure there are something to fix, add and change. Don't be afraid to ask for instructions, give feedback or report bugs.

Credits & Thanks:
Author: Shuko
Contributors: cuel, galzohar, zuff

- Added: An array can now be used as a condition.

- Added: Using "assigned" task state will automatically set that task as current task. Use "created" to avoid that.

- Levrex contributed a function to check non-BIS factions.

- now with Alwarren's isCompleted function.

- Uploaded version with Fat_Lurch's fix for the marker text.

- Added: More marker options.

- Added: SHK_Taskmaster_isCompleted now takes multiple tasks are parameter. Also, added SHK_Taskmaster_areCompleted as a wrapper function.
- Changed: Some code cleaning.

- Changed: Task creation order was reversed in Arma 2. It was changed in Arma 3. Changed the order in script to be correct with A3. Automatic current task assignment was removed, use the SHK_Taskmaster_setCurrentLocal.

- small addition to the script.

- Changed: Faction faction list to A3.

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- BI forums

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