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Requirements: Extended Init EventHandlers by Solus (Included)

Version: 2.6
Signed: Yes, server key included

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Date: 2009-05-24 15:49

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VFAI - AI Extension
Victor Farbau

VFAI will allow units to scan their immediate environment for bodys and their equipment. If a unit goes below certain ammo levels it will try to snitch a magazine, a grenade or smokebomb here and there. If the unit looses its weapon or does not find ammo in a given time the unit will focus on getting a new weapon as quick as possible. In that case the unit will drop the empty weapon. As of version 2 VFAI should automatically detect and handle all weapons types including 3rd party addon weapons. However I noticed some difficulties if addon creators used mixed upper/lower case
class numbers in their addons.

VFAI consists of 3 independent addons
    1. VFAI_Equipment enables units to independently equip themselves with weapons and ammo from dead bodys. Further information and details included in the readme file. I advise you to read the readme file - it might explain some behaviour you wonder about. Installation: read the readme file (it is easy).
    2. VFAI_Smokeshell will cause units to throw smokeshells whenever they're hit. They will try to throw smoke into the direction of the gunner to block his view. More details in the included readme file. *Installation: read the readme file (it is easy). All units will then be equipped with 1 smokeshell and will know when to use it.
    Attention ACE Mod users: ACE uses additional "Hit" event handlers to simulate gunshot wounds. It might interfere when both addons try to process the hit event at the same time. I got stuck only once in a seemingly endless animation loop due to that; but it can happen. If you experience this too often, simply turn off Smokeshell.AI through the control panel or don't install SmokeshellAI.pbo at all.

    3. VFAI Control Panel
    Using this control panel addon you will be able to switch VFAI addons on and off in the middle of the game. The control panel is moveable (finally) and will indicate which relevant addons are being found (Equipment, Smoke, ACE Mod), hence some options will or will not be selectable.
SmokeShell additional notes:
If you require full viewblock functionality of smokegrenades make sure to use appropriate addons (such as DMarkwick's Smokegrenade addon) since the
built-in Smokeshell model does not block AI's view.

Important: If you still have a copy of "VFAI.PBO" in your addons folder - delete it. It will interfere with newer versions!

Place the .pbo files into your arma/addons folder or use a modfolder (recommended).
If you dont know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ

Included files:


VFAI - Equipment.AI V1.4 in action

The addon only needs to be present on the game server. It will automatically be run on all units (including civilians) when present. All MP tests were working fine so far. Error reports welcome of course.

VFAI Control Panel v2.6
- More decent design + moveable interface
- Autoconfiguration of options based on addon presence

Equipment.AI v2.6
- Bug resolved (Grenades not taken)
- ACE classes dynamically added when ACE is deteced

Smokeshell.AI v2.6
- ACE smokeshells used (if found)


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Extended Init EventHandlers by Solus (included)

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