ArmA3Sync - launcher and addons synchronization software by [S.o.E] team

Major_Shepard submitted an updated version of the ArmA3Sync - launcher and addons synchronization software which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA3Sync is both a launcher and addons synchronization software for ArmA 3. It is intend to be used by players, server administrators and ArmA 3 teams. ArmA3Sync development has been inspired from ArmA 2 Game Launcher (SpiritedMachine) and AddonSync 2009 (Yoma).

    • Added: Bikey extractor tool: Extract bikey files from source directory to target directory. Available from GUI, console, and script command line.
    • Added: Files synchronization: ArmA3Sync will try to resume automatically a file download if received file size doesn't match remote file size.
    • Added: Battleye: ArmA3Sync will automatically add "2 1" parameter if arma3Battleye.exe is set as executable location.
    • Added: New command Duplicate group.
    • Added: Malloc System from Launcher options panel.
    • Improved: Upload repository will now proceed faster during the checking of remote files.
    • Fixed: Cannot close a repository tabulation if not at front view.

Written on 2015-11-13 08:51 by Major_Shepard  

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