Bush's "Strange New Worlds" - Rura Penthe released
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Bushlurker released the next island for his Bush's "Strange New Worlds" project on the Armaholic forums.
The previous release covered Taurus II and this time he released Rura Penthe, a penal colony asteroid utilized by the Klingon Empire.

    Quote Bushlurker :
    This episode of our Ongoing Mission takes us all the way to the Beta Quadrant, to the Klingon penal colony asteroid/planetoid Rura Penthe.

    Rura Penthe was a penal colony asteroid utilized by the Klingon Empire. Located in the Beta Penthe system, it was widely known as "the alien's graveyard," due to the fact that the life expectancy for a prisoner there was, at most, one year.

    Prisoners at Rura Penthe were forced to conduct mining operations for the purpose of retrieving the vast deposits of dilithium which existed beneath the surface. The surface temperature of Rura Penthe was extremely low, the landscape dominated by bare rock and thick dirty "cometary" snow. Without proper clothing, warmth or food, no humanoid lifeform was able to survive for an extended period on the surface, so all of the mining and prison facilities were located underground. A magnetic shield encased the mining facility and a vast area surrounding it in order to prevent escape through beaming from the surface.

Written on 2013-09-02 10:29 by Bushlurker  

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