Author: VVL99
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.01m

Date: 2013-09-20 08:05

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The classic rally. Race against time through the checkpoints. Determine milestones and place finish.

  • The function of the new race
  • Saves the previous race
  • The camera monitor participants arrival
  • Random selection of special stages
  • New weather conditions for each race
  • Server options
  • Several buttons

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Additional info:
    All cars will start in turn, starting with the first, with an interval of 5 (30-60) seconds. At each checkpoint special stages will be shown while the participant or his gap from the leader of the race. The final result is made up of the sum of the results shown in all the special stages. After the race, you can load a new race, a menu action. Points per race will be recorded at the time of loading a new race, the rate of:
    1st place - 12 points
    2nd place - 6 points
    3rd place - 4 points
    4th place - 3 points.

    New race
    The driver of the first car available button of the new race. In this case, all the cars are returned to the original place. Destroyed cars, participate in subsequent races can not. Drivers are assigned a score for the previous race, when they reached the finish line. Test points for the next heat, are shuffled.

    In menu action buttons are added to check the time and the position of the pilots on special stages.

    Use the menu action, you can watch the cars involved in the race with the uncontrolled camera from the first or the third person. Exiting the uncontrollable camera (via the right mouse button) and you find yourself in the controlled mode the camera, the output of which is also a right-click or ins.
    The camera Q / Z - Lift the camera, lower the camera,
    A / W / D / S / Arrow keys - Move the camera,
    Shift - acceleration of movement,
    L - Show, hide the crosshairs,
    8 - Look up,
    2 - Look down,
    4 - Look to the left,
    6 - Look to the right,
    minus - Zoom out,
    Plus - Zoom.

    By clicking on this button, you can specify a point on the map the route, and delete them by pressing the spacebar.

    the cost of repairs - 2 scores.

    Button - SHIFT additional acceleration for the car.

    Players connect after the start of the race, will be able to take part only in the next race, after a new race.

    Server options
    If the "Start Delay " is set to 0, the command "go to start", will appear as soon as the previous car drive up to the start.
    If the server enabled mode the 'independent start' or cars to the left of you without drivers, then you will start race regardless of the other participants in race.

    The list of available cars:
      Lada (White)
      Lada (red)
      Skoda (red)
      VW Golf
      Off-road (tan)
      Ural (yellow)


  • Added protection from the creation of additional facilities
  • Added an additional interface (HUD)

  • v1.01k
  • Added button "Remove debris"
  • Added button "Retry"

  • v1.01j
  • Added menu the "top 10"
  • Added joystick support

  • v1.01i
  • Added server option - Time of day
  • Added to the buttonS to listen to music

  • v1.01h
  • Added Server option - Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit
  • Added Server option - Type of vehicle
  • Added two wp for checkpoint number 2
  • Added synchronization results for new players.

  • v1.01g
  • Server option - Delay Start - 0
  • Server option - Independent start

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    - BI forums

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