US Marine Corp and MARSOC units by massi
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Massi released an updated version of his US Marine Corp and MARSOC units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote massi :
    I’m updating all my units pack in order solve the issue with the uniforms , I’ve added ported A2 uniform and USMC MTV body armor , also vehicles are now optional, in order to activate them just put the optional config in your addons folder, as described in the install instructions below.
    I’ve also reworked almost all the camos to fit better and added SD ammo for stealth missions and new bonus units NBC .
    There are also some small other fixies you’ll find in the changelog.
    Hope you’ll enjoy this new update!

    • Fixed: uniforms errors
    • added ported A2 uniforms: arctic suites, woodland
    • added ported A2 MTV Marines body armor
    • added SD ammo to all units (good for stealth missions)
    • added optional config for vehicles that are now disabled by default
    • adjusted OPS CORE size
    • added BONUS units: NBC
    • Reworked camouflage textures
    • improved: units loadout, groups and config

Written on 2015-11-09 09:27 by massi  

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