Author: JW Custom
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.4b

Short description: A script to add close airsupport to your mission.

Date: 2015-09-02 17:21

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Close Air Support Field System

JW Custom

A script to add close airsupport to your mission.

Installation / Usage:
Mission implementation:
1). Copy the JWC_CASFS folder into the root of your mission folder.
2). Add following line to init.sqf:
execVM "JWC_CASFS\initCAS.sqf";
3). Add following lines to description.ext:
    #include "JWC_CASFS\casDefine.hpp"
    #include "JWC_CASFS\casMenu.hpp"
4). If it's a multiplayer mission add following lines to onPlayerRespawn.sqf:
if !(vehicleVarName player in JWC_CASarray) exitWith {};
[JWC_MaxD, JWC_lock, JWC_num] execVM "JWC_CASFS\addAction.sqf";
5). Add a game logic to your mission and name it > varHolder
6). Name the units that should have the CAS Field System > CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 etc. etc.
7). Edit settings to your preferations in JWC_CASFS\initCAS.sqf


Munition types:
JDAM : Laser Guided Mk82 (Based on map click)
CBU(AP) : Cluster Bomb Anti-Personnel (Based on map click)
NAPALM : Napalm bomb (Based on map click)

Icons of spotted vehicles on the map ain't placed correctly so setting target position directly on this icon will result in being of actual target!

To help this issue you can toggle the "Snap to nearest target" by pressing [A] while the CAS menu is open. Only targets which user have a knowsAbout value higher than 2.5 will be snapped to.

If the 'snapping ain't working it's because you click to far away from target or because you knowsAbout value is too low because you dont have enough info on target. Use you binoculars and look at target and press T to gain more info.

Ingame usage:
1). Select the "Open CAS Field System" action from the action menu(mouse scroll).
2). Click on map to mark target position. If needed you can toggle the "snap" function by pressing [A] to snap target position to nearest known target for precision with vehicle targets mainly.
3). Select munition.
4). Click "Request CAS" button to complete the request or click "Exit Menu" to abort.
5). If you need to cancel enroute CAS select "Cancel CAS" from action menu.

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Credits & Thanks:
gOon for letting me use parts of his napalm script :)

- Fixed napalm MP issue
- Removed flyInHeight which cause some issues

- Removed JDAM/Clusterbomb combo
- Added Napalm bomb
- Changed global names to unique names
- Added option to block munition types
- Added option to use CAS blocked zones

- Changed here and there
- Fixed possibility to have unlimited CAS calls
- Added proper Multiplayer support

- Initial release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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