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Voice Commands using GlovePIE


I'll share with you my Arma 3 GlovePIE script plus a short tutorial on how to download GlovePIE files, use GlovePIE and load fast the script in GlovePIE GUI. The GlovePIE script is intended for use with Arma 3 game, Singleplayer mode only. I hope this helps.

Aside from the fact that you can use GlovePIE for free and fully customize your PIE script to your own liking, voice commands in ArmA 3 using GlovePIE and voice_com addon can accomplish a lot of things. Things you can do with this setup can be summarized into two categories:
  • BASIC commands for player (yourself) or squad (AIs, NPCs):
      - Commands like change view, kneel, stand up, go prone, open watch, open map, assign team, mount vehicle, disembark, engage target, open fire, hold fire, watch direction, copy stance, etcetera.
      - Of course, those basic commands above can also be programmed in other 3rd-party voice recognition softwares like PiLfluS, Shoot, VAC or Windows Speech Recognition Macros. A walk in the park task.
      - What happens here is that GlovePIE translates your voice command/s to the corresponding key bindings. For instance, when you say "squad", GlovePIE would press for you the "~" key (tilde key) which by default would select all members of your squad.
      - Another example is when you say "two" "three" "return to formation", GlovePIE would press in consecutive order the following keys: F2 F3 1 1. Those examples are dependent on the default game key bindings. GlovePIE clicks them for you when you issue a command. The voice commands can be programmed to your own liking. So, instead of saying "squad", you could use "all" or "guys listen up" or whatever phrase you desire and the end result would still press key "~".
      - Check this link for the write-up and video about how basic GlovePIE voice commands in Arma 3 work.
      - For a list of Arma 3 key assignments, check out this link. Thanks to alpha-kilo.
  • ADVANCED commands for player (yourself) or squad (AIs, NPCs)

1- First download and install GlovePIE.
2- Download and install the GlovePIE Basic Script plus Launcher inside the same folder as where the GlovePIE files are.
3- Create a shortcut to 'Run GlovePIE Basic.bat' then send it to your desktop for easy access.
4- Double click the desktop shortcut to run GlovePIE with my script loaded automatically. This portion of the video explains it.
5- Press 'Run' button of GlovePIE GUI, load Arma 3 game, press Left Windows button of your keyboard then start talking / say the voice commands! Press Left Windows key once again to disable voice recognition. This portion of the video shows how this particular instruction is carried out.

- Repeat steps 4 and 5 above whenever you want to use my GlovePIE script with Arma 3 game. Those are the only steps you gonna do. Very easy. No need to load the script in GlovePIE GUI using the conventional way (File > Open > Look for PIE script) like what is shown in this video.
Feel free to modify the script to suit your needs. You may alter the confidence level / amount of confidence required, the wait/ sleep time in between keypress or change the command phrases to your heart's desire. Refer to this image to know which part of the script you'll have to edit.
Go through the documentation to learn more about GlovePIE commands. You can do advanced tasks with GlovePIE! Powerful, fully customizable, free software!


Arma 3 does not have native support for voice recognition. Wish Bohemia Interactive devs integrated some sort of voice recognition feature in Arma 3 for us who love to say what we want in game.

Of course, not all commands of the advanced category like weapon and vehicle spawning, calling for artillery or nuke strike, weather and time manipulation can be added to the proposed feature but I think adding voice recognition support for basic AI/squad commands is plausible. I believe that it adds realistic immersion to the already awesome game that is Arma 3. One could just say 'Soldier two, get in that chopper as gunner ' instead of pressing the equivalent key bindings.

Wishful thinking? Who knows, the devs might give it a go. Vote up!

Update November 28
- This update to GlovePIE Basic Script for Arma 3 addresses issues of Oct 21 script with version 1.06.112613 of Arma 3 main branch.

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