Author: BWMod Team
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.3.3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The BWMod team's goal is to supply the Arma 3 community with a set of vehicles, weapons and equipment to be used in 2020 by the German Army.

Date: 2016-04-01 10:10
Submitted by: KoffeinFlummi

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BWMod Team

The BWMod team's goal is to supply the Arma 3 community with a set of vehicles, weapons and equipment to be used in 2020 by the German Army, like the IdZ system and vehicles currently being introduced, such as the IFV Puma.
We are not associated with the BWMod for OFP and the earlier Arma games, but since the team around that mod abandoned the project, we will continue where they left of and equip players with high-quality vehicles and weapons.

compatibility PBOs:
We published some compatibility PBOs for both AGM, to enable the fire control system and some other features to work properly, and ASDG, to enable use of BWMod weapons with other optics and vice versa:

MBT Leopard 2A6M
IFV Puma

MP7 (by Schmung and The_Tub)
G36 / G36K IdZ ES (Both with optional AG40 underslung grenade launcher)
G36 with Bipod and Beta-C mag
G28 Standard & Patrol
G27 (With optional AG40 grenade launcher)
G82 (M107)
Panzerfaust 3
Fliegerfaust II (Stinger)
DM51A1 frag grenade
DM25 & DM32 smoke grenades

Aimpoint MicroT1
attachable NSV600 night vision addon (ZO4x30, 3-20x50)
attachable NSV80 night vision addon (6-24x72)
attachable NSV80 night vision addon (PzF 3)
attachable IRV600 thermal vision addon (ZO4x30)
LLM01 with switchable laser/light modes

Crewman uniform
IdZ Vest in various configurations
OpsCore FAST helmet
Crewman KSK helmet
M92 Helmet
Berets for a variety of units
Tactical Glasses in 3 colors
Vector IV B Nite
For a more detailed view of the available content, take a look at this page (German).

To install the BWMod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Source Code / Bugtracker:
A reminder that we open-source everything but the assets of the BWMod. So if you want to help out with configs, scripts and stringtables, go here:

Credits & Thanks:
Project Lead: Hamburger SV
3D - Artists: KoffeinFlummi, Ghost, Tonic, Jan, Sören, Hawkins, Kickapoo, Pleasure, Frankyman
2D - Artists: Hamburger SV, Tonic, Snorri
Import & Configs: KoffeinFlummi, commy2, Ir0n1E, marcbook
Scripting: commy2


-added: LLM-01 and Vario Ray day laser mode with ACE
-added: mission attributes to configure the ammo of respawning IFV Puma and MBT Leopard
-changed: deproxyfied the Leopard after changes made to Binarize (retexturing now possible)
-fixed: shadow issues with certain LODs on the Leopard
-fixed: script error when using NaviPad with helmet cams
-fixed: script error when trying to add thermal optic
-fixed: IFV Puma FCS doesn't work with ACE FCS

- added: P2A1 flare pistol
- added: compatability with 3DEN.
- added: democracy box can now be slingloaded
- fixed: DM25 and DM35 no longer fly through walls
- changed: Navipad now stays open after using your scope
- fixed: muzzle flash in the virtual arsenal
- fixed: last round in magazine didn't produce muzzle flash
- fixed: holster animation for P8 and MP7
- removed: modules (replaced with object attributes)

- fixed: Issues introduced with the Arma v1.54 update.

- added: UH Tiger
- added: Helipilot uniform
- added: Knighthelm
- added: integrated CBA Joint Rails (remove your BWA3_Comp_ASDG!)
- added: custom G27 / G28 silencer sounds
- added: MG4 and MG5 Tracer magazines
- added: modules to customize BW vehicles
- added: Fernspaeher (recon) sub faction
- added: other misc. soldier classes
- added: BW icon in Virtual Arsenal
- added: missing items to VA box
- added: TFAR BW radios to VA box
- changed: adjusted interaction positions on IFV Puma and MBT Leopard with ACE
- fixed: missing classes in Zeus
- fixed: wording in field manual for NaviPad (German)
- fixed: missing materials in FIRE geometry on MBT Leopard
- fixed: material effect with impacting rounds on all models
- fixed: smoke launchers weren't synched in MP
- fixed: IFV Puma doesn't fall over as easily when turning on high speeds
- fixed: IFV Puma ABM rounds with ACE FCS
- fixed: dragging and carrying BW boxes with ACE

- fixed: Rendering issue with certain uniforms due to Arma v1.52 update.

- fixed: Animated 2D optics were not scaled properly for 16:10 and tripple screens.
- fixed: G28E3 and G27 variants had an invisible bipod.
- fixed: Puma main gun single fire didn't work.
- fixed: Leopard rearview mirrors were interchanged.

- added: Optional PBO to enable PIP optics (ZO4x30, Shortdot, PzF3)
- added: correct weapon sway values
- added: correct weapon inertia values
- added: different muzzle velocities for weapons with different barrel length
- added: animated bipod to various weapons
- added: tails sounds from Marksmen update
- added: ejecting belt parts effect to MG4 and MG5
- added: Rotex silencer models for 5.56mm and 7.62mm
- added: Vario Ray laser light module
- added: Black variant of G27 and G27 w/ AG40
- added: EoTech CQB and with magnifier in black and tan
- added: new uniforms (reskins of AAF uniform)
- added: insignia selection
- added: MICH helment (reskin of AAF MICH helmet)
- added: retextures of various backpacks (thanks Rider)
- added: Kampfrucksack model
- added: camo netting for Puma and Leopard that can be removed ingame
- added: compatibility for the Virtual Arsenal and Garage
- added: commander of MBT Leopard now has a FFV compatible slot
- added: alternative random texture variant for MBT Leopard in Flecktarn
- added: white retexture of ammo boxes (placeholder)
- added: camo netting variant of Democracy box
- added: Democracy box with Virtual Arsenal
- added: German flag on flagpole
- changed: NATO uniform retexture to hide arm and knee protectors
- changed: default loadouts in some cases
- changed: possible ethnicities of German soldiers no longer include africans and african americans
- changed: randomization includes only BW goggles
- changed: increased recoil of G27/28 variants and MP7
- changed: zoom of the Vector IV so mil dots are now correct
- changed: appearence of PzF 3 when carried on the back
- changed: weight and icon of the 7x62mm 1200Rnd belt
- changed: Geometry LODs of vehicles to allow driving over obstacles more easily
- changed: animation of tracks on vehicles
- changed: reworked vehicle PhysX behaviour
- changed: completely reworked configs to guarantee compatibility and fix various issues
- changed: interiors of Puma and Leopard
- changed: various sounds
- changed: various textures, normal maps, and specular maps
- changed: animations of mounted Panzergrenadiers in IFV Puma
- changed: Thermal map of IFV Puma
- changed: 10x 120Rnd MG5 belts for Leopard loader replaced with one 1200Rnd belt to circumvent a reload bug in the Arma engine
- changed: hitpoints for MBT Leopard. Main gun and turret should now be more resistant. Commander optics and loaders MG5 can now be destroyed.
- changed: camo netting now comes in parts
- changed: contents of boxes; Democracy box is now filled by script
- changed: keys are now adjusted with the CBA keybinding system, please check your keybinds!
- changed: way units are sorted in the editor
- changed: Reddot sizes
- changed: Leopard 2A6M sounds
- changed: G36 sounds
- changed: Fliegerfaust usability
- fixed: weapon reloading sounds were not working correctly
- fixed: localization issues with umlauts and eszetts
- fixed: you no longer sink into the ground when deploying a weapon
- fixed: various recoil issues (e.g. P8 pistol)
- fixed: gunner of MBT Leopard is no longer vulnerable to small arms fire
- fixed: some issues with the behaviour of the Vector IV
- fixed: some wrong texture references in proxies
- fixed: various issues in the shadow LODs of IFV Puma and MBT Leopard
- fixed: removed active radar from vehicles
- fixed: Leopard mirrors were to high
- fixed: vehicle MG5s were using vanilla sounds instead of the intended one
- fixed: texture issue on the left side composite armour of the IFV Puma
- fixed: issue in Geometry LOD of IFV Puma that may cause collisions with projectiles far away from the vehicle
- fixed: strange vertex in component01 RPT error
- fixed: bwa3_leopard2a6m_wanne_fleck.p3d has no config RPT error
- fixed: all duplicate strings
- fixed: all updating base class issues
- fixed: added author "BWMod" to hopefully everything
- removed: obsolete BWA3 menu
- removed: Kestrel in favour of third party variants (e.g. ACE3)

- Fixed missing config values after v1.42

- Fixed the sounds for v1.24.
- The crew of the desert Leopard now has the correct uniform.
- Adjusted the position of the turret display thingy (it was covering the zeroing on some resolutions).
- Removed the "magic radar".
- You now cannot save the options anymore while editing a key.
- The Jägertrupp now has 1xMG4 + 1xMG5 instead of 2xMG4.
- Fixed some "Updating Base Class" errors.
- The Navipad detail key kann now actually be changed.

- Grenades can now be used by other factions.
- Crosshairs are now centered correctly.
- MP7 now has recoil in full auto mode.
- Fixed error message "config.bin/CfgVehicles/ModuleTaskCreate_F/Arguments/Owner/values/Unit.default" and similar.
- Zeus compatibility.
- Red dots are now better visible with NVGs.
- MG4: Bullets disappear now correctly, when low on ammo.
- Engineer can now disable mines.
- Inventory: Reworked mass and possibile slots of all items.
- new: Leopard 2A6M (Fleck, Tropen)
- new: G36 IdZ-ES with Bipod and Beta-C
- new: G27 and G27 AG40-2
- new: MG5 (Black and Tan)
- new: G82 + Zeiss 6-24x72 (with NSV 80)
- new: Fliegerfaust 2 Stinger
- new: Vector IV
- new: Navi Pad
- new: Kestrel
- new: Ops-Core with helmet cam (Fleck, Tropen, black)
- new: Crewman KSK with headset (Fleck, Tropen, black)
- new: 2 Uniform variants (Fleck, Tropen)
- new: Overall for vehicle crew (Fleck, Tropen)
- new: Ghillie (Fleck, Tropen)
- new: M92 "Gefechtshelm" helmet (Fleck, Tropen)
- new: NSA 80 for Panzerfaust 3
- new: IRV 600 for ZO4x30
- new: "Demokracy box"
- IFV Puma now uses MG5 instead of MG4.
- Weapons can now be placed in the editor.
- Fire selector now has a sound.
- Magazines now have their own models.
- Reticle of the 3-20x50 reworked.
- G28E3 now uses the correct buttstock (same as G27)
- new types of munition (AP, LR, Raufoss, IR-DIM, SD...)
- Silencers (Place holders)
- Stringtable reworked.
- Panzerfausts and RGWs are now already loaded.
- Ammo boxes and IFV Pumas inventory reworked.
- Fixed error message of the barrets.
- Created changelog.
- Userconfig removed. (Key binds can now be change via the ESC Menu)
- Speed limiter removed.
- Night vision adjustment removed.

- first public release

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- BI forums

- Community Base addons A3


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