The quotes are taken from the interview Armed Assault Zone had with JB and which can be read here.


The aim of the project is to create UK Special Forces content for Armed Assault.
This will include units like the SAS, SBS and SFSG along
with some of the equipment that they would typically use.

We can start off small, build up basic units and weapons packs etc.
Once we become more established we can move on to developing further projects
like the famous counter terrorism units.

Realism is going to be a big part of the Module,
from weapons to missions we will aim to provide a true to life representation
of the real-world units.

I am eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on ArmA and its development tools.
As soon as we get hold of them the team can really start making some progress.

So we will have to wait until we can show some screens together with this post aswell.
Keep an eye on SASmod, looks, sounds and feels very promising.

Click the following link to watch a SAS - Special Air Service movie.

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