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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch

Version: 0.65 beta
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-01-31 07:00

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Wind deflection

This addon makes Arma wind influence the flight of nearly all projectiles - from GBUs to bullets and handgrenades. By default wind only influences player's projectiles, it would be unfair to influence AI's bullets, as they don't know how to handle wind deflection. However, by some requests I included the possibility to turn AI deflection on by editing q11_windcfg.hpp file.

Bullet deflection is roughly proportional to the squared distance (as it is in real life). If the wind changes during the flight of the projectile, it is reflected in its trajectory. Deflection data for small arms bullets and RPG-7 is taken from field manuals and a ballistic calculator. Deflection data for larger projectiles as well as bombs, grenades and missiles is a guesswork and subject to further tweaking. RPG rockets deflect into the wind, as they usually do due to their design. Wind deflection is noticeable at ranges higher than 300 meters with moderate to strong sidewind.

Each projectile has a wind-drift coefficient (how prone it is to drifting). The coefficients are defined in config.cpp in respective cfgAmmo classes.

To assess the wind there is an action called "Wind information" that will show you wind speed and its direction. By editing q11_windcfg.hpp you can choose between 3 variants of representation of this data:
    - show crosswind speed and direction (left/right)
    - show full wind speed and exact direction (degrees)
    - show full wind speed and where it blows from (clock system)
You can also choose between meters per second and miles per hour as speed units.

Place the q11_wind.pbo into one of your active addon folders, start the game.
If you aren't sure how to setup and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

0.65 Beta
- Fixed MP issues (multiple actions etc) (thx Dwarden for reporting/testing)
- Fixed zero divisor errors (thx Dwarden for reporting/testing)
- Slightly changed the structure of q11_windcfg.hpp. Please overwrite the old file in Dta folder with the new one.
- Signed. Server key available at OFPEC. Direct link: Link
- Now requires unified XEH. The issues with GMJ sight adjustment are fixed in the latest bridge addon.

0.5 Beta
- New more accurate mathematic model for bullets/shells etc
- New more accurate separate mathematic model for RPG-7
- Tweaked values, now wind drift should be closer to the real deal. SVD, M24, AK-74 bullets deflect according to respective field manuals. Their trajectory should match the real with 90-95% accuracy. 2A42 and RPG-7 data is also taken from field manuals. Other projectiles coefficients are either based on BC data or on data for aforementioned ammo (and some guesswork :P ).
- Guided missiles are no longer affected by wind (no point in it)
- Added customizable wind info representation
- Added ability to turn on AI wind deflection
- Coefficients now stored/taken from the config, not script

0.1 Beta
- Initial release

Q1184 - creation Dwarden - bug reports, testing.

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