The Bush Wars Mod is a mod depicting the South African - Angolan Bushwar 1966 - 1989.
We are a small team at the moment but have plenty of addons ready for Armed Assault.
We will also release an "Angola" island with acurate detail of towns and routes.

The mod will also include the
  • South African Special Forces Battalions
  • 32 Battalion
  • Reconnaissance Regiments (Special Forces - Recces)
  • 44 Parachute Battalion (Parabats)
  • SAAF as well as the Angolan units - PLAN, MPLA, UNITA, Cuban Regular army and ANC

All Mirage III�s have animated airbrakes, undercarriage, afterburner, canopy and radar. The weapon ordinance includes the V3C Kukri missiles, free fall and LGB�s.

The Alouette III K-car Gunship have animated side doors and instrument panels and the G-car version will carry 2 crew and 4 passengers.
AI will fire on infantry with the G-car and both infantry and light armour with the K-car version.

The Simonov SKS and the Chinese (Mod. 58) SKS-D were very common among the Eastern Block Marxist supported MPLA and Rebel Forces in Angola.
The add-on includes the SKS (10 round semi-auto) and the SKS-D (30 round semi-auto).
The standard SADF Infantry Squad, 40mm Grenade Launcher was the M79
manufactured under licence in South Africa by Armscor and designated the R79.

The H&K MP5 and MP5K were weapons used by the Special Forces Brigades (Recces) in undercover
operations both in Angola as well as surrounding countries during the Bushwar conflict.
I have made both these add-ons for a mission I will be releasing.
The mission will feature a very famous Recce incursion into the Angolan, Cabinda Province.

The add-ons are ready for the final touches and scripting prior to being released.
All we are waiting for is the new tools to be released by BIS.
We will be releasing various versions of the Buffel and the Moffel to add variety to missions.

The Ratel ICV was the SADF�s frontline Infantry Combat Vehicle and used in almost all operations into Angola.
The final version of the Ratel ICV will include original engine sound as well as turret and MG sounds.
The different versions with their specific crew and quantities of ammo will be according to specs of the original Ratels.

The Ratel ICV add-on will be released with the following versions:
  • Ratel 90 - crew of 3+7, 90mm Anti-Tank support to the Mechanized Battalions.
  • Ratel 20 - crew of 3+7, GI 2 20mm MG dual feed system.
  • Ratel 60 - crew of 4+7, 60 mm breech-loading mortar.
  • Ratel Command - crew of 9 men, two-seater turret with a 12,7 mm MG

The SAMIL 20 4x4 is the ultimate, off-road, vehicle. With "diff locks" on the transfer box and both axles, a short wheelbase and a ground clearance of 460mm, the SAMIL 20 can go where other 4x4�s fear to tread.
Built for the South African MILitary, SAMIL trucks are robust, versatile and proven in combat.


Watch all Bush wars screenshots here in our gallery.

Also Bushwars is recruiting, they could use some people to help them out with their project.

Click the pic to go to the recruitment page.

They need:
  • Modellers/texture artists
  • Island Makers (Would like to put a team together for the Angola/SWA island)
  • Script writers
  • Mission makers
  • Voice actors (English/Africaans/Portuguese)
  • Moderators (to assist with forum)

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