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Earlier this year, several leading OFP mod teams came together with a common vision and purpose. The Bundeswehr mod, Lowland Warrior mod, CSLA mod, Red Hammer Studios, Combat!, and several leading independent addon makers are proud to announce:

Germany 1985 � a modification for Armed Assault.

As you might expect, the mod will cover a hypothetical war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1985, with a storyline derived from Tom Clancy�s Red Storm Rising (click to view a wiki page about it). Initial work on the mod is already well underway and will pick up significantly once Armed Assault is in our hands, the capabilities of the new game engine are better understood and the required modding tools are available.

Each mod team will use standardized values (derived from JAM, CAVS, and likely ACES) and will work on a sort of �plug-in� system, where each team works on their own modules that plug into the core G85 game. Models, textures, terrain and expertise is shared amongst all members to ensure the high quality you�d expect from these mod teams.

We�re also looking for new talent to help out � we currently do not have partners working on some of the NATO and Pact countries (Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, UK, among others). If you�re on a mod team with a record of producing quality addons, feel free to PM me or post at the Germany �85 website and we can talk.

You can view many more Germany 1985 mod pictures in our Gallery.

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