Author: Easy_Redbeard
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0.0

Short description: For Parachute Drops from Aircraft

Date: 2014-03-27 08:31

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Static Line Paradrop Script


After struggling with Paradrops in Arma 3 - i.e. dying the minute one left the aircraft - we hit upon Ninja970&Y's Parachute Script for Helicopters, which allowed pilots to safely leave their helicopters.
Being a realism unit keen on falling out of aircraft in style, we repurposed his script for use as a Static Line Paradrop Script. So, thanks to Ninja.

This script allows Infantry to parachute out of a helicopter, without having to pick up an ingame parachute, thereby allowing them to keep their backpacks. This functionality was previously available with HALO-from-flag scripts, but not in a Static Line Paradrop. Hence, this modification.

This is version 2.0.0, which removes the need for triggers on your map, greatly simplifying the process.

- Safe Static Line Paradrop that does not endanger Paratrooper or Aircraft
- Easily modifiable for different drop times/min altitudes etc.

Installation / Usage:
Extract the sample mission into your Arma 3 profile folder and open in the editor to view implementation.

Here is an example of some training we did in Feb '14 using the script:

Known issues:
Known not to work with C17 and C130 Mods released recently. Unsure as to why, testing continues.

Credits & Thanks:
Ninja970&Y, for his Heli-Para Script:
F2kSel, for his invaluable assistance.

Change log:
- Removed need for Triggers, thanks to F2kSel's assistance.

- First Release

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