Author: Wipman
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.7
Signed: Yes (server key included)

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Date: 2008-10-12 18:12

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WIP-M4A1 Pack

M4A1 weapons pack, containing the following versions:
    - M4E3 Iron Sight
    - M4E3 Iron Sight SD
    - M4E3 Iron Sight SB
    - M4E3 Iron Sight SB/SD
    - M4A1 Iron Sight
    - M4A1 Iron Sight SD
    - M4A1 Iron Sight M203
    - M4A1 Iron Sight M203 SD
    - M4A1 Aimpoint
    - M4A1 Aimpoint M203
    - M4A1 Aimpoint M203 SD
    - M4A1 ACOG
    - M4A1 ACOG SD
    - M4A1 ACOG M203
    - M4A1 ACOG M203 SD
    - M4A1 CQB (Aimpoint)
    - M4A1 CQB (Aimpoint) SD
    - M4A1 CQB (ACOG 1T31F)
    - M4A1 CQB (ACOG 1T31F) SD
    - M16A4 Aimpoint
    - M16A4 Aimpoint M203
    - M16A4 DMR
Just extract the pbo in the ArmA\Addons folder and you should be good to go.
Or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Installing the replacements:
- If you use the Red Fix v1.1 then open the folder called: "Replacement (Red Fix Compatible)" and copy the files there into your: "C:\ArmA\AddOns" or whatever modfolder you use.
- If you don't use the Red Fix v1.1 then open the folder called: "Replacement" and copy the files there into your: "C:\ArmA\AddOns" or whatever modfolder you use.

If you want to use the replacement that's Red_Fix V1.1 compatible then you'll need this:

Included files:

This is a signed addon. Signed file and server key included.

wip_m4e3                     | 20rnd_556x45_stanag
wip_m4e3_sd                  | 30rnd_556x45_stanag
wip_m4e3sb                   | 30rnd_556x45_stanagSD
wip_m4e3sb_sd                | 1Rnd_HE_M203
wip_m4a1iron                 | FlareRed_M203
wip_m4a1iron_sd              | FlareGreen_M203
wip_m4a1ironm203             | FlareWhite_M203
wip_m4a1ironm203_sd          | FlareYellow_M203
wip_m4a1acog                 | "       "       "
wip_m4a1acog_sd              | "       "       " 
wip_m4a1acogm203             | "       "       "
wip_m4a1acogm203_sd          | "       "       "
wip_m4a1aim                  | "       "       "
wip_m4a1aim_sd               | "       "       "
wip_m4a1aim_m203             | "       "       "
wip_m4a1aim_m203_sd          | "       "       "
wip_m4a1cqb                  | "       "       "
wip_m4a1cqb_sd               | "       "       "
wip_m4a1acogcqb              | "       "       "
wip_m4a1acogcqb_sd           | "       "       "
wip_m16a4aim                 | "       "       "
wip_m16a4aim_m203            | "       "       "
wip_m16a4dmr                 | "       "       "

Change log:
- Removed Laser Beam from the AN-PEQ2.
- Added M4E3.
- Added M4E3.
- Added M4E3 CQB/ACOG.
- Added M4E3 CQB/ACOG SD.
- Updated Replacement Packs.
Known issues:
- AN-PEQ2 Laser Beam always visible (only for the carryer).
- Trigger don't stay backwards in Full Auto.
- Not riseable M203 flip up sight.
- Bolts and Grenade Launchers are not animated.
- Don't leave empty shells in the ground.

Credits & Thanks:
Config: [EDM]Javo,I0n0s,HitmanFF,Q1184,Charles Wipman.
Models: BIS,Synide,[EDM]Javo,I0n0s,Charles Wipman.
AN-PEQ2 Laser Beam: Made By Darkgiver (from the SWM).
ACOG T31F Sight: Made By NonWonderDog.
Leupold TS30-A2 Scope: Made By NonWonderDog.
Models Asembly: Charles Wipman.
Textures: BIS,Charles Wipman.
Beta Test: [EDM]Javo,HitmanFF,Charles Wipman.
Bugs Fishing: [EDM]Javo,HitmanFF,DeadMeatXM2,Sander,Q1184,I0n0s,Charles Wipman.
Bugs Fixing: [EDM]Javo,HitmanFF,DeadMeatXM2,Sander,Q1184,I0n0s,Charles Wipman.

I've made this weapons to upgrade the equipment selection that BIS gave us so we can have diferent gear for our units in the field. This weapons pack is made ONLY for be used in the Armed Assault and not to be used in any other
game. BIS, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the Vatican, God, me, my mom, your... mom... don't take any responsability for any damage that this addon may cause to your computer, your brain or your pets; so use it at you're own risk.

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