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Short description: A remote SQF console addon and extension for Arma 2 and 3.

Date: 2014-06-11 08:25

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SQF RCON Extension


This projects aims to create a simple method for remotely administering Arma servers in a way which has never been possible before. The game engine itself has been inaccessible to remote administrators, but now it's possible to execute code and retrieve return values via this RCON extension.

Note that this project is currently in its alpha stage, so there's a possibility for bugs or issues. That aside, I test release each time for full functionality, so it's reasonably stable.

  • Remote Console:
      The remote console was designed for simplicity and extensibility, so it was built completely in web-standard languages such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. This allows it to be completely customizable and accessible on nearly all machines.
      Since the console is built using the aforementioned web-standard methods, you can host the console on an external web server for global access from many administrators. You may also custom-skin and edit the console to your desire to fit your needs!
  • Extension:
      The extension was programmed in C++ to allow direct communication between the game engine and the backend Mongoose webserver. The latter is a super-light high-performance HTTP web server which handles the RESTful RCON requests and sends them to Arma.
      The extension was designed to not only accept requests from the standard remote console described above, but from any program which can make HTTP POST requests. This means that any developer can create a program which interacts with Arma externally through the RCON protocol described in the developer documentation below.

Download the latest version of the SQF RCON addon.
Copy the "@sqfrcon" folder to your Arma addons directory, which is most likely your Arma installation folder.
Either add the addon to your favorite Arma launcher (such as play.withSix) or to your -mods command-line argument.
Go to the extracted "@sqfrcon\sqfrcon.cfg" file and edit the configuration to your desired need. The file is extensively commented for ease-of-use.
Start the game and load a mission to allow for the remote console to connect.
Open the console by navigating to "@sqfrcon\console" and opening the "index.html" file in your browser of choice.

SQF RCON requires either Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead version 1.62 or Arma 3 1.00 or greater.
An Arma 2 OA/CO installation requires the Community Base Addons.

Start the game and load a mission to allow for the remote console to connect.
Open the console by navigating to @sqfrcon\console and opening the index.html file in your browser of choice.

Developer Documentation:
RCON Protocol Specification
Extension Documentation

Possible Use Cases:
Replacement for deprecated Gamespy protocol to retrieve server statistics.
Web-based after action battle recorder and playback.
In-game player review system with accompanying external database and web application.
Remote connection to another game (such as Steel Beasts or Falcon BMS).
Interaction with forum/community software or Teamspeak.
And so many more...

Please visit the Bitbucket project repository for extensive up-to-date documentation.

You can find the source here:

[NEW] Remove CBA dependency in Arma 3.
[FIX] Fix a small typo in the FSM which could cause 503 errors in the console.

Forums Topic:
- BI Forums (new)
- Bohemia Interactive Forums

- Community Base Addons (Only when using it in Arma 2 / Arma 2: OA )

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