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Requirements: USSOCOM 75th Ranger, Navy SEALs DEVGRU and Delta Force, African Conflict, NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons, Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 2.0

Date: 2014-04-28 11:22

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Operation Broken Tusk


This is a highly involved mission where you take on the role of a DEVGRU operator tasked with killing a High Value Target in the Horn of Africa.

  • The mission starts with a video that sets the pace, followed by an intelligence driven operation.
  • Read in game briefing tab for vital info!
  • BTC Revive script is at work here so you'll have to revive team members as they fall, respawns are disabled however.
  • If the team dies you fail the mission... At least I think.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    The BIS helicopter transport scripts need your next position within three seconds or it kicks everyone out of the chopper
    Some of the custom action items do not delete after being execute

  • Added Azan script
  • Two more safehouses
  • Stream-lined mission playability
  • Added ground vehicles for this who like to drive
  • Removed CAS to increase challenge
  • Added the ability to "wait" for 4 hours

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to Ethan for the idea and a big thanks to Alaska_vet, David Eye and Sif for testing the mission and making suggestions.

    - USSOCOM 75th Ranger, Navy SEALs DEVGRU and Delta Force
    - African Conflict
    - NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons
    - Community Base addons A3

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