Author: TheEvanCat
Author Website:

Requirements: Arma 3 Helicopters, Arma 3 Jets, Arma 3 Marksmen, Arma 3 Zeus, Arma 3 Apex, Arma 3 Laws of War

Version: 1.8.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The CSAT Modification Project is something that I've been working on to create a more conventional aesthetic feel for the OPFOR faction in Arma 3.

Date: 2019-07-16 15:12

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The CSAT Modification Project


The Western world had been at the forefront of the planet for easily the last few hundred years. The colonial empires of Europe ruled the world and extended their fingers to the farthest reaches of Africa and Asia. They were the giants: they were unstoppable. And even as the West fought and destroyed itself on the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, someone would still be alive to preserve the glory. For a time, that was the United States. As Europe squabbled amongst itself in the latter half of the 20th century, America reigned supreme. Of course, during the same time a new power was forming. The once-mighty empire of Persia had been relegated to obsolescence and foreign control for almost a century - something that the people did not take kindly to. In 1979, the people of Shahist Iran revolted to create the Islamic state that thrives today. Often at odds with the West, this new nation would quietly repair and become resurgent into the 21st century.

When the 2008 economic crisis hit, Iran became weakened as well. Yet as the years went on something could be felt changing. The West could be seen struggling. China, however, rose to match the stagnated United States. The two countries became superpowers in a new conflict mirroring the USSR and the US and their vies for power. Iran, too, prospered under China's wing. Their newly moderate-leaning government encouraged reform to power their new ambitions. They sent men into space where the United States and Europe had left it cold and barren. They sent more and more soldiers abroad to conflict zones to establish their presence as a peacekeeping force and ingratiate themselves with nearby governments. The novel phenomenon of a Persian state policing the Arabs instead of a Western one became increasingly prevalent as the years went on. During this time, China and Iran began to grow closer together. They formed CSAT - the Canton Protocol Security Alliance Treaty - as a counterweight to America's NATO and Russia's CTSO. Nations began to flock to CSAT for support, including such countries as Iraq and Azerbaijan. In the early 2030s when Turkey was hit by a massive earthquake, CSAT troops intervened to provide stability and security. Turkey left NATO for CSAT shortly thereafter - a shockingly unexpected upheaval in the geopolitical realm.

It is here where CSAT wishes to expand its influence westward to challenge NATO. An east wind blows upon the Balkans, upon bankrupt Greece, and upon the tiny island-nation of Altis. They, too, struggle with economic crises and military insurgencies. They had reached out to CSAT for support in these trying times, and CSAT was more than happy to oblige. Now they are involved in the crisis there, a flashpoint that threatens to throw the world into war again and forever change the balance of power between the dying West and the nascent East. A change is on the horizon: it is to be determined on the battlefields of Altis.

The CSAT Modification Project is something that I've been working on to create a more conventional aesthetic feel for the OPFOR faction in Arma 3: something that many people weren't too pleased with. This includes changing elements that seemed to be outlandish and out-of-place for the rest of the game like the Protector Helmets and the CSAT Fatigues. The assets included in this pack are designed to provide the familiar feel that people want, but still stay faithful to the BIS setting to allow for an appropriate enemy for the setting's BLUFOR to fight. This also facilitates replacement packs for campaigns and missions involving CSAT on 2035 NATO, since it'd be odd to have 2014 Iran versus a BLUFOR that's twenty years more advanced. So now comes the release after roughly over a year of work.

Now with a replacement pack!

To install The CSAT Modification Project you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Replacement files:
The replacement pack for CMP is designed to make vanilla CSAT units into the TEC_CSAT ones. This includes the campaign/missions.
The csat_replacement.pbo includes a replacement for everything, including CSAT faction vehicles.
The csat_replacement_alternate.pbo does not include vehicles: it replaces only infantry to reduce mod conflicts.

1. Select appropriate .pbo and its .bisign.
2. Drag into Addons folder along with the .pbo files for the main mod.
3. The config should be installed and ready to use.

Optional files:
These are optional addons designed to work with the main mod and provide a different experience from what is "vanilla."
CSAT_Shahan - The To-343 Shahan aircraft still in progress.

1. Select appropriate .pbo and its .bisign.
2. Drag into Addons folder along with the .pbo files for the main mod.
3. The addon should be installed and ready to use.

Included files:

Known issues:
> TFAR bags apply to the whole faction and, since different camo units are in the same TEC_CSAT faction, only the arid manpack will spawn if TFAR is set to give a longrange radio to the player.
> Minor tweaking required on Keftar AFM.
> Weapon effects will only play for one barrel on the Keftar's guns.

Future plans:
> Possible vehicle retextures to something more conservative than the camouflage pattern.
> More member states (first the Arabian theater like Turkey's newly-instituted government, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc.)
> Future goals include finding a replacement for the Ifrit and the Kajman.
> After this is all done in the far future, I want to be able to diversify the CSAT arsenal with equipment like heavy lift helicopters, MLRS artillery, small patrol vehicles, etc. In addition, a possible phase-out of retextured gear for custom content may be something to do as well.

This is not a replacement pack. It simply adds a new faction to the red team, but in the future a replacement config may be available.
This is also heavily WIP. It is not perfect, but I will try my best to get it there. Like any piece of software, this is going to have some bugs. Please report them to me in the thread and I'll stick 'em down there. If you know how to fix them, I'd appreciate that as well.

Credits & Thanks:
By TheEvanCat, with help from:
BIS - The models, the setting, the faction, and - most importantly - the game.
Armapirx - For his data and help on the replacement configs.
Surpher - Without him, my configs would still be a mess.
Da12thmonkey - Advice on fixing the helmet model.
Shtebbie - Help with custom model texturing.
AntoinneFlemming - I used his CSAT camouflage samples kindly posted here:
Reyhard - For help with the static weapon configs.
Dezkit - For his MiG-29K source and for his help with the Shahan.
LeRoyOFinnegan - Texturing help and general assistance across the board.
Kiory - For his ALICE backpack source data.
Jonpas - For allowing us to poke around at his JNS Skycranes configs.
Massi - For the fix for weapon sounds.
Nkey and the TFAR team - For allowing use of their Task Force Radio sources and allowing integration with their mod.
Rstratton - I used his Arma 2 KA50 templates for the Keftar textures.
AtinAkiri - He helped with the helicopters, providing configs and model.cfgs for me to work with.
The Community - I did the mod for the community. They are the ones who showed interest and support, and for that I truly thank them.

Licensed under the APL-SA license, so feel free to modify and use whatever you want in your mods as long as credit is given! If you ask nicely enough, I may even provide you with source data.

> Added Ghatar HET heavy transport truck (cut content from an earlier update.)
> Added radar dish damage materials and wreck model for the An-212M/FH Ruk.
> Added Chinese flags for CSAT (Pacific) replacement Viper units.
> Added unmanned helicopter (K-22 Zanbur) teams to editor groups.
> Added CSAT fighter pilot helmet with darker textures to match the rest of the fighter pilot coveralls.
> Changed CSAT_Uniform PBO name back to TEC_CSAT in order to fix errors with missions made before 1.8.0.
> Changed Special Forces helmets to the covered version.
> Changed Special Forces's NODs to the more advanced compact version to differentiate them from line troops.
> Changed the SOF TL's and Navy combat officer's vests to the commander version with tactical computer.
> Changed Ruk propeller model to look more modernized.
> Improved Ruk propblur textures.
> Improved Ruk interior floor textures (still heavily WIP and unfinished due to time constraints.)
> Improved Ruk interior model detail with netting to back the seats, medical kits, and fire extinguishers.
> Improved Zamak MLRS damage materials and wreck model quality.
> Improved RCWS turret shadow, geometry, and optimized distance LODs.
> Improved Abda component damage (i.e., the engine is now able to be disabled.)
> Improved and optimized Penah and Raad distance LODs.
> Improved Azad OTV vest and belt modeling to clip less with CBRN suits.
> Improved jet pilot uniforms with more varied visual elements.
> Fixed replacement config crewmen not wearing vehicle coveralls.
> Fixed replacement CSAT (Pacific) pilot names back to vanilla instead of CMP.
> Fixed unarmed and medical Marids showing in editor with turrets still attached.
> Fixed glass material hit sounds/effects on Zamak cabs and the MLRS launcher.
> Fixed gunner entry/exit points on armed Zamak variants.
> Fixed HUD elements on Abda vehicles (there is no gun/turret to damage on the unarmed variant.)
> Fixed armed Abda variants not having propeller/rudder models for water movement.
> Fixed smoke launchers on unarmed and medical Marids (thanks Polpox!)
> Fixed black Vorona launcher UI picture.
> Fixed turn animation direction on the USV Mahi's outboard motors.
> Fixed HUD elements on the Mahi's turret to now show weapon type/ammo/etc.
> Fixed Mahi's hull lines model not matching up with the dirt textures underneath them.
> Fixed Mahi metal hit sounds/effects on rubber surfaces.
> Fixed undershirt model showing on Azad (Bare) vests... this was from a failed experiment/test.
> Fixed textures on the kitbag having camo over one of the MOLLE straps.
> Fixed Navy Combat Officer loadout and Katiba magazines.
> Fixed flags not appearing on tactical and Viper Raad variants.
> Fixed Ruk glass shine.
> Fixed Command and Vehicle Transport Ruk passenger space menu option (they should not be able to carry passengers.)
> Fixed Command Ruk's radar to have 360 degree coverage instead of 180.
> Fixed Command Ruk radar animation playing backwards when radar is turned off.
> Fixed UI icon path erros for various headgears.
> Fixed Viper PBO dependency errors.

1.8.0 (06/24/19)
> Added CSAT (Iran, Navy) faction and reorganized all relevant assets.
> Added armed (HMG/GMG) variants of the Zamak Transport (covered and uncovered) in brown and green hex.
> Added Abda (Medical) ambulance variant.
> Added An-212M/FH Ruk (Commander) variant of the Ruk transport.
> Added CSAT hexcam bunkers for Mediterranean and Pacific forces (thanks Avery for letting me use them from Aegis!)
> Added grenadier variants of the Azad and Hamel vests.
> Added mandible variants of the Penah helmet and issued them to explosives-oriented personnel.
> Added USV Mahi unmanned surface scout boat.
> Added AL-6 (Demining) variants for CSAT.
> Added KH-3A small drones with Iranian livery.
> Added Navy helicopter pilots with blue flightsuits and assigned them to crew naval aviation assets.
> Added vehicle transport variant (no seats) on the Ruk and removed vehicle carrying from the infantry transport.
> Added Zamak (Water) variants as a mission element for humanitarian or CBRN decontamination water sources.
> Added naval variants for Orcas, Keftars, and Xian transports.
> Added an (editor hidden) variant of the Hamel (Command) with stealth TI textures for Viper troops.
> Added new groups: MLRS platoon/section, motorized medical team, air attack teams, air assault teams, and MEDEVAC teams.
> Added a dummy CSAT Patrol Bag (Radio) as a flavor asset for squad leaders, combat officers, and JTACs.
> Added Qilin (SOF) (AT), correcting an oversight from last update.
> Added aircrew and support personnel for the woodland CSAT faction.
> Added Remote Designator (CSAT), correcting an oversight from last update.
> Added flags for the Iranian military, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense Force.
> Added user selection open/close hatch animations to the MLRS blast shields to help driver visibility.
> Added Viper snipers and spotters in woodland and arid camo.
> Added Chinese flag textures to CSAT (Pacific) troops in CSAT_Replacement. These are not an actual faction, merely present for the replacement pack.
> Changed naval aviation paint scheme from a blue hex to a grey/green hex.
> Changed editor subcategory for Zamak and Tempest trucks to "Trucks" instead of "Cars" to clear up the menu clutter.
> Changed editor subcategory for Asst. Heavy AT from Men to Men (Support.)
> Changed kneepad model positioning to look more natural.
> Changed kneepad textures to match the rest of the straps.
> Fixed replacement pack functionality and errors with Pacific CSAT troops.
> Fixed dozens of small config errors with Mikero's tools.
> Fixed config inheritance issues that overrode vanilla Zamak trucks with a gunner.
> Fixed config inheritance issues that overrode and broke base-game Taru helicopers.
> Fixed Shahan data link/sensors not working.
> Fixed helmets not appearing on Mine Specialists.
> Fixed wrong vest UI pictures for the Azad Patrol and Azad Gunner vests.
> Fixed Viper uniform and equipment thermal image camo.
> Fixed Viper wound textures.
> Fixed Taru Bench FFV stations.
> Fixed Abda transport carrying 12 soldiers vs. 11 (1 driver and 10 cargo seats.)
> Fixed Zamak MLRS damage RVMAT texture paths.
> Fixed Heavy backpack shadow LOD appearing "fuzzy."
> Fixed Keftar glass material being very shiny even without reflecting light.
> Fixed Keftar default pylon loadout, now spawns with weapons (especially in Zeus spawns.)
> Fixed Zamak MLRS wheel damage animations.
> Fixed Zamak MLRS passanger position proxy clipping through the cabin.
> Fixed Zamak glass weirdness with gunner stations.
> Fixed CSAT (Iran, Pacific) unmanned weapons stations now showing.
> Fixed propblur texture error on Ruk propellers.
> Fixed SMG users having outdated magazine classes and spawning with no ammo.
> Fixed troops with the goggles helmet spawning with another set of goggles on their face.
> Fixed textures on green hex quadbike version.
> Fixed wrong editor preview pictures on Taru helicopters and pods.
> Fixed wrong or placeholder UI icons on ghillies, Viper suits, Penahs, and Raad helemts.
> Improved overall performance and reduced conflict possibilities by repacking with Mikero's tools.
> Improved internal config and model LOD texture and proxy pathing to help reduce future errors.
> Improved gunnner station animations (thanks Poly!)
> Improved Abda handling: should handle less like a wheeled brick now.
> Improved Keftar handling: it always felt like flying a brick.
> Improved Penah/Raad texturing and reduced unnecessary textures leftover in the PBO.
> Improved all fabric (camouflaged) textures thanks to Avery showing me a new method of adding details.
> Improved vest shadow LOD details.
> Improved Orca (Medical) variants (thanks Avery for helping with the model!) with new interiors including stretchers.
> Improved textures on helicopter pilot coveralls.
> Improved textures on Taru helicopters.
> Improved many UI and editor preview pictures.
> Removed hexcam textured versions of military tents since BI has added them in the base game with the Contact update.

1.7.0 (12/22/18)
> Added Tanks DLC assets (Angara and Vorona launcher.)
> Added Heavy AT soldiers.
> Added Viper teams in arid and woodland.
> Added Encore DLC SAM and radars.
> Added new groups using new Tanks, Apex (Viper), and Encore assets.
> Added targeting pod and crew protective hatches to Zamak (MLRS) model.
> Added camouflaged versions of the Raad helmet.
> Added Hassani identity.
> Added CSAT Viper stealth uniforms in arid and woodland.
> Added stealth (Viper) versions of the Raad helmet in arid and woodland.
> Added hidden selections to the Azad and Hamel vests.
> Added all CSAT Azad and Hamel vests and variants in a coyote brown color.
> Added Type 42 gas masks (thanks to Mr. Skellington for releasing the source data.)
> Added vehicle crewman coveralls in all five camos and issued them to vehicle and air crews.
> Added explosive protected versions of the Azad OTV and issued them to relevant personnel.
> Added Army and Navy versions of the aircrew vest.
> Added dark eyepro shades and orange and dark shades to the shemagh/glasses combo.
> Added dynamic loadout to the KA-97 Keftar.
> Added tactical goggles in clear, dark, and orange to the eyewear randomization.
> Added woodland UGVs.
> Added woodland SOF (sweater) uniforms.
> Added woodland support (HMG/GMG teams, etc.) units.
> Added woodland recon and SOF units.
> Added woodland groups (support infantry, special forces, Viper teams, etc.)
> Added full ghillie suits in arid, semiarid, lush, and jungle.
> Added datalink and recon capabilities to the Keftar.
> Changed equipment loadouts of CSAT troops to wear brown (for arid, semiarid, and woodland troops) or black (urban and naval) vests.
> Changed flags to a subdued tan or black color depending on uniform.
> Changed Ifrit replacement to the Abda instead of the Shir (removes conflicts with other replacement that touch the Ifrit.)
> Changed Shir trucks in motorized groupings to Abda trucks to allow every member of the teams to fit inside.
> Changed replacement packs: there is now one replacement pack since DLC troops are available for everyone, not just their owners. This simplifies installation.
> Changed strap color on CSAT Bergen backpacks.
> Changed face 04's name to "Tehrani."
> Changed faction organization from CSAT (Alternative) to CSAT (Iran, Mediterranean) and CSAT (Iran, Pacific) in order to simplify menus and aid spawning scripts.
> Changed editor subcategories of most units to be vanilla ones.
> Fixed mine specialist backpack error.
> Fixed FCH Penah texture shine.
> Fixed CSAT Heavy backpack texture shine.
> Fixed Squad Leaders having grenade launchers (gave them to Team Leaders instead.)
> Fixed Explosive Specialist not having a vest.
> Fixed Raad chinstrap clipping/missing faces.
> Fixed Raad helmet texture stretching and missing faces.
> Fixed retextured weapons not showing up in Virtual Arsenal.
> Fixed general issues with old, out of date replacement pack.
> Fixed Penah battery box texture issues with distant LODs.
> Fixed units not spawning with first aid kits.
> Fixed duplicate faces showing up in arsenal lists: should only be for identity lists, not public.
> Fixed Tehrani's face shine.
> Fixed Navy UAV operator's icon (was officer, not regular icon.)
> Fixed eyepro view pilot LOD (should no longer see glasses in first person view.)
> Improved Abda turret models to more closely match the original model.
> Improved Abda gunner command station, PIP, and animations.
> Improved replacement pack gear lists and loadouts.
> Improved details and textures on the Penah and Raad helmets.
> Improved unique UI icons for vests and helmets.
> Improved item descriptions for vests and helmets.
> Improved medium backpack texture and model.
> Improved textures on the Keftar helicopter.
> Improved Penah (Scrim) model and issued it to marksmen/snipers.
> Removed old alternative and variant replacement packs, as they are unnecessry now.
> Removed old DLC patches: the mod is one singular entity since it is now too intermeshed with DLC content and people can utilize these assets regardless of if they own the packs or not.

> Added kneepad models to certain vests.
> Added Penah (Goggles) with variants.
> Added unit patch insignias for various Iranian armored, infantry, airborne, and takavar (commando) units.
> Added a new face to Persian face rotation.
> Improved textures on Azad vest and pouches.
> Improved Azad belt kit model.
> Improved Penah battery box textures.
> Fixed Penah chinstrap clipping/missing faces.
> Removed facepaints for quality issues.

> Added propeller and rudder model to the Abda.
> Added patrol/belt kit and machinegunner loadouts to the Azad and Hamel vests.
> Added glasses randomization to CSAT troops.
> Added white shemaghs.
> Added CSAT textures for non-medical Orange DLC tents.
> Added brown hex textures for APEX DLC IR masking tents.
> Added tactical (non-camouflaged) version of the Penah.
> Added Jets DLC aircraft to CSAT side, with green hex variants.
> Added tactical task symbols to groups.
> Added K729 Saeqeh drone.
> Added Mine Specialists.
> Added Iranian national flag and banner.
> Changed Abda wheel textures.
> Changed vest model on Hamel vests to be slimmer.
> Changed pouch placement on Hamel vests.
> Changed vests of Rifleman (Patrol) and Scout Snipers to their long-range patrol versions.
> Changed vests of machinegunners to their special variant.
> Changed vests of vehicle crewmen to lighter Hamel rigs.
> Changed headset model on Raad helmets.
> Changed mod logos to align more with vanilla styling.
> Improved Abda water handling and effects.
> Improved Penah LODs.
> Improved Abda RCWS to more closely match the vanilla model.
> Fixed unarmed Orca variants having weapons.
> Improved mod.cpp content.
> Fixed Abda water buoyancy.
> Fixed color of arid Qilin (Armed.)
> Fixed CSAT Bag (Heavy) and Penah RVMAT shininess.
> Fixed vehicle inheritances that caused errors with Tanks DLC interiors.
> Fixed woodland Rifleman (Patrol) backpack config.
> Fixed Keftar and Ruk window RVMATs.
> Fixed uniform of Riflemen (SMG.)
> Fixed woodland textures of Varsuk and Kamysh variants.
> Fixes for the Steam version (inclusion of readme and mod.cpp.)
> Fixes for the Steam version (inclusion of readme and mod.cpp.)

> Added K-22 Zanbur drone.
> Added Zamak (MLRS) artillery truck.
> Added An-212M Ruk cargo plane.
> Added green hex versions of vehicles not in Apex (Zamak, Abda, etc.)
> Added Apex assets to the Iranian side in brown hex.
> Added naval version of the Shahan.
> Added plates and armor to the Hamel vest.
> Added command loadouts of the Azad and Hamel vests (non functional at the moment.)
> Added roundels to UAVs.
> Changed editor classification of Taru containers.
> Changed Iranian flag textures.
> Changed soft covers from patrol caps to baseball caps (like the Iranian military.)
> Changed CUCV drivers to light soldiers.
> Changed texture on CSAT LSV to be brighter.
> Changed "Shar ASV" to "Shir ASV" to better the Persian translation.
> Improved Keftar weighting and handling.
> Improved Shahan to Jets DLC functionality (ejection seat, tailhook, camera, and dynamic loadout.)
> Removed CSAT Balaclava (quality issues.)
> Removed UTS-15 mod compatibility (not supported anymore.)
> Removed Xeno Taru Pod Mod compatibility.
> Fixed Shahan wheels PhysX.
> Fixed ballistic protection issues.
> Fixed Recon engineer backpacks.
> Fixed pilot helmets.
> Fixed Taru loadmaster showing as vanilla.
> Fixed K40 drone's dynamic loadout.
> Fixed helicopter dynamic loadouts.
> Fixed transparent Zamak interior.
> Fixed damage material errors.

> Rose from the dead.
> Spread Christmas cheer to all on the nice list.
> Added black RPG-42s.
> Added unarmed and medical Marid APCs.
> Fixed Iranian flag texture on vests.
> Fixed retextures on headgear not showing up.
> Fixed ItemInfo.Scope error on startup.
> Fixed Keftar AFM: it should be faster and more agile as intended.
> Fixed various errors involving texture paths.
> Fixed texture errors on Abda turrets.
> Fixed damage proxy paths on the Abda.
> Updated factions to 3D editor category standards.
> Incorporated PolyG's bugfixes (listed below):
> Updated ballistic protection to updated standard.
> Updated Abda PhysX.
> Updated Abda PIP.

> Added black versions of the Zafir, Rahim, and Navid weapons with the addition of new hiddenselections to them.
> Added new handgun holster proxies to vests.
> Fixed issue with damage selection on certain Abda turret LODs.
> Fixed ballistic protection on helmets and vests.
> Fixed icons for SOF and Recon engineer units.
> Improved distant Abda LODs.
> Improved Azad weighting.
> Updated magazine loadouts of every unit (some of which were dated way back to a year ago.)
> Updated replacement configs to reflect recent changes.

> Added traditional balaclava without the mouth hole and added it to vehicle crews.
> Fixed classname in replacement configs resulting in ammo bearer not being properly replaced.
> Fixed classname error preventing spawn of woodland SMG units spawning in Zeus.
> Fixed wrong classname of SMG issued to CSAT units: ACO SMG sights have been added.
> Fixed issues with the Offroad (CUCV) still randomizing its colors and proxies with CBA enabled.
> Compatibility with the UTS-15 shotgun mod.
> Added missing Recon SMG and SOF SMG/Autorifleman units.
> Adjusted Keftar AFM.
> Adjusted Keftar weighting.
> Adjusted Keftar RVMATs.
> Uploaded to the Steam Workshop for an additional download source.

- fixed broken archive

> Fixed Zafir gunners spawning with incorrect ammunition (the recent update changed CSAT weapons from 7.62x51mm to 7.62x54mmR.)
> Fixed incompatibilities with replacement config and non-DLC owners by instituting a DLC replacement config to apply separately.
> Fixed faction issues with certain replaced units.
> Replaced regular Rahim rifles with bipod-equipped variants.
> Updated documentation to reduce confusion about the new system.

> Fixed Azad faces.
> Fixed Azad shadow texture.
> Fixed Azad weighting.
> Fixed replacement config type: ammo bearer should spawn properly now.
> Fixed kitbag texture issues.
> Fixed Shahan wing pylons.
> Fixed woodland marksman spawning with an urban uniform.
> Fixed issue with Shar ASV commander turret being unusable.
> Fixed AAT backpacks spawning with AA missiles.
> Fixed general config issues with CSAT_Vehicles.pbo (support trucks had two displayname classes for some reason.)
> Fixed GMG support gunner not showing up in Zeus.
> Redid update numbering ("1.4.0 bugfix" was causing some confusion.)
> Redid support name formatting (small displayname edits, nothing major and mission breaking.)
> Redid colors on the aircrew vests, replaced them with a modified model, and added a medical man.
> Redid Penah RVMATs.
> Added new replacement configs for woodland and semiarid units.
> Added a new medium rucksack imported from A2, replacing bergens in use.
> Added a new heavy rucksack imported and modified from A2, replacing carryalls in use.
> Added new insignia, including service branch icons.
> Added various Shahan improvements, such as a destruction model and additional LODs.
> Added the Taru to the CSAT (Alternative) side in an optional PBO for those who might not have the Helo DLC.
> Added the new Hamel light vest, replacing existing A3 tactical vests on CSAT units.
> Added a new version of the Offroad as a CUCV (Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle.)
> Added camo faces (finally in after fixing the bug where they'd show up on AI.)
> Added new hidden support men classes so groups featuring the assistance AA or AT gunners won't have the wrong uniforms.
> Added Penahs without covers.
> Added Penahs with scrim (bush) covers.
> Added baseball caps.
> Added Raad special forces lightweight helmet.
> Added a direct-action special forces element (Men (Special Forces))
> Added autonomous HMGs and GMGs.
> Added Keftar scout helicopter.
> Added diver units.
> Added black Titans with the capabilities to fire all types of Titan missiles.
> Compatibility with Helo DLC.
> Compatibility with Marksman DLC.
> Compatibility with the XENO Taru Pod mod. (
> Compatibility with TFAR, adding additional CSAT radio manpacks.
> Modified Azad models.
> Modified Penah models.
> Modified attachments for carbine-carrying units.
> Modified missilemen to have Titan APRL units (compact launchers go to SOF.)
> Moved Shahan PBO to the full version, since it's more or less finished.
> Removed the Shahan's AA and CAS variants until I can fix them.
> Removed (hidden) Penah variants with the "down" eyepiece until I can figure out how to work them in somehow.
> Removed forced goggles on rocket-carrying units.
> Updated replacement configs with new units.

- Fixed recon marksmen DMR (should now have a DMS with a suppressor.)
- Fixed crashes with replacement config.
- Removed new aircraft textures from replacement config in interim.
- Updated Azad Bare classname to match the trend.
- Did various config fixes.

- Added woodland uniforms, headgear, bags, helmets, and other equipment.
- Added woodland units.
- Added woodland groups.
- Added IRIAF markings to CSAT helicopters.
- Added MEDEVAC variants of the Orca.
- Added underwear.
- Added To-343 Shahan and assorted variants (STILL WIP!)
- Added rank patches.
- Added fire geometry to personal equipment.
- Fixed bag variants showing up in Virtual Arsenal.
- Updated Penah model.
- Updated platecarriers with brand new models.
- Updated camouflage (thanks, LeRoyOFinnegan.)
- Updated replacement configs to use new vehicle textures (not the no vehicle one.)
- Updated CSAT_Uniform.pbo (general config and under-the-hood) and identified rolledsleeve variants of uniforms with (RS) tags.

- Added an alternate replacement config (no vehicles.)
- Added IRIAF markings to CSAT airplanes.
- Added new vest textures.
- Added a heavy-duty penah variant.
- Fixed some classnames, allowing to spawn units in Zeus.
- Fixed bag display names.
- Readme additions.

- Fixed wrong classname for Shar IFMV in motorized groups.
- Fixed configs for items classed in cfgweapons.
- Added replacement config and assorted literature.
- Fixed Iranian flag (it was upside-down.)
- Added pilot uniforms.
- Crewed air units.
- Added field packs.
- Added Rifleman (SMG.)
- Armed CSAT Officers with SMGs for self defense.
- Added pilots and additional aircrew (including variants for the Navy.)
- Added CSAT Recon units and assorted equipment.

- Fixed iranarmy.paa to remove line at the right-hand-side.
- Fixed texture issues with UAV/Operations bags.
- Fixed pictures for backpacks.
- Fixed Penah clipping issues.
- Fixed wrong Penah color for Officer (Combat) in Men (Semiarid.)
- Fixed specialized backpacks showing in editor.
- Fixed missing Penah flag and inverted patch faces.
- Fixed drone assembling into vanilla backpack.
- Fixed config scope, changing from Independent to OPFOR.
- Replaced CSAT emblem with Iranian Armed Forces emblem for TEC_CSAT faction.
- Replaced beret model.
- Added crewed vehicles (cars, supports, armor, ships.)
- Added bags and support troops for static weapons (mortar, HMG, GMG, Titans.)
- Added Shar IFMV (retextured Strider) with GMG/HMG variants.
- Added ghillie suits.
- Added CSAT tac vests.
- Added Men (Navy) with various equipment (uniforms, headgear.)
- Added two variants of Sniper and Spotter to Men (Sniper) class.
- Added classname list to modfolder.
- Added some groups for what I have thus far. The rest will come later when everything else is finished up.

- Fixed bad vehicle type for engineer backpack.
- Fixed Penah texture issue.

- Signed for MP use.
- Configured for Zeus compatibility.
- Backpacks for specialized soldiers added with appropriate equipment and ammunition.
- Squad leader now has grenades for Katiba UGL.
- Removed team leader UGL while adding missing binoculars.
- Fixed soft headgear display names.
- Fixed Penah texture issues.
- Added UAV Bag retextures for UAV Operator units.
- Added CSAT Operations Bag.
- Added Rifleman (Unarmed) in all three catagories.
- Added Crewman in all three catagories with associated equipment.
- General readme.txt improvments.

- Base units and equipment.

- Arma 3 Helicopters
- Arma 3 Jets
- Arma 3 Marksmen
- Arma 3 Zeus
- Arma 3 Apex
- Arma 3 Laws of War
- Arma 3 Tanks

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