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Short description: This manual is based on Multi-command handbook 11-F16 volume 5.

Date: 2014-05-16 17:20

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Fighter jet Combat Fundamentals Manual


This manual is based on Multi-command handbook 11-F16 volume 5. Most information is left out due to the limits of Arma’s air operations, avionics and area of operations. This brings a 290 page manual back to little less than 50 pages.
The manual is designed to provide pilots the needed information to make the right decisions during any phase of a tactical mission. This manual provides no authority or sanctions to depart from the established training procedures and directives, nor is it directive in nature.

The details within this manual are based on John Spartan's & Saul's F/A-18. But are easily adaptable for any fast Jet.

Table of Contents:
Establishing priorities
Prioritising tasks
Mission objectives
Flight leadership
Wingman responsibly
Mission planning
Basic formation
Tactical formation
Tactical turns
Air to Air
Principles/Concepts Of Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM)
Offensive BFM
Defensive BFM
Air to surface
Manual Bombing Delivery
Loft bombing
Pop-Up deliveries
Two ship Employment considerations

Extra documents:
F/A-18 Turning performance Graphs
GBU-12 Release parameters
Manual Dive bombing table
Manual level bombing table

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