Author: Lala14
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.8.972651

Short description: This script adds a targeting pod for air vehicles.

Date: 2015-11-29 17:14

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TGP - Targeting Pod for Air Vehicles

Lala14 & Tajin & GeraldBoso1899

So you may have noticed GeraldBolso1899's post on the forum in the Addons & Mods Discussion about Making a targeting pod.
I made a script which was very basic then but since that week I've created a much better version.
GeralBolso, 161st V-SOAR & some guys from the 39th Battalion tested it out and reported some feedback for me and ideas which I have implemented.

-On and Off ability
-Designed for multi team use
-Ability to use the Targeting Pod without the need of a UAV Terminal if are part of the crew of the vehicle
-Ability to allow for someone else to use the Targeting Pod assuming TGP_Veh_Only is equal to 0
-Different positions for each vehicle
-Mod supported vehicles Currently are HAFM Helis, Pearl A-10C, STI A-10A, SU-35, F/A 18E/F/X, CHO F-35, IVORY F-15C, IVORY MIG-29K, IVORY GR-4, HAFM Planes, RHS, FireWill F16C

Installation / Usage:
Add the following into the init.sqf:
null = [] execVM "tgpalpha8_95.sqf"; 

also OPTIONAL for messing around you can either place in the INIT.SQF or modify these in the script it self
1 = Yes/On 0 = Off/No unless stated:
TGP_Visible = 1; //Show the "Darter"
TGP_Debug = 0; //Show where the "Darter" is being attached
TGP_Veh_Only = 0; //Only allow the crew to connect to the tgp. WORKINGish
TGP_Numbering = 0; //Set Numbering Format 0 = Original Way numbers don't get stored on vehicles 1 = Use the first number assigned to the vehicle every time 2 = Looks in the array to find the closest number to 0 that is not being used 3 = Random Select Should not bring the same number ever unless you've used 225 vehicle names during that period, also gets assigned to the vehicle
TGP_RPT_Debug = 0; //Give you all kinds of information on who is executing stuff, what vehicle has turned on/off the TGP and when via RPT
TGP_Auto_Start = 0; //1 = Start the mission with all TGP's turned on, 2 = Start mission with TGP's all on and Respawned ones as well
TGP_TrippleFormat = 0; //Show numbers with "001" or standard "1", useful when there is more than 9 planes on one side or using TGP_Numbering = 3
TGP_AutoConnect = 1; //0 = No/Off 1 = Automatically connect the player's AV Terminal to the TGP once TGP turned On 2 = Connect player's AV Terminal to TGP if not connected to another AV Device
TGP_Auto_Ai_On = 1; //Automatically makes AI turn their TGP's on 

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
-TGP_Veh_Only is still very buggy if anyone who is willing to shed some light on the situation please do
-Game Engine Bug, when switching to UAV view and then switching to the vehicle your mirrors will disappear, only can be fixed by getting out then in.

To do:
-A mod is currently being assembled. Raid will be supplying the models and GeralBolso is making the mod
-The models will be of a Litening Targeting Pod and a MX-25D

Credits & Thanks:
-Me(Lala) Scripting
-Tajin For the base of the script
-GeraldBolso1899 For the base idea
-Raid & Catatonic For modelling
-Catatonic for UV maps
-39th Battalion For testing
-161st V-SOAR For testing

Alpha 0.8.972651
-Fixed a bug with setting TGPs to 'display'

Alpha 0.8.97265
-Changed so TGP creation and such are done by the server
-Changed TGP_fnc_uav_death to be executed instead by the TGP
-Majority of variables are now using publicVariable
-Some clean up
-Issue with vehicles creating more than 1 TGP and keeping a dead TGP and a live TGP fixed (using call instead of spawn)
-More RPT debug
-Fixed some issues with TGP_Auto_Ai_On and TGP_Auto_Start
-Much more, it's been a while

Alpha 0.8.97262
-Added in version checking of the script (and if the script contains an old version it will be overridden)
-Added in clean up of TGP_config to remove duplicates (will use the latest ones added to TGP_config) (only gets executed at the beginning of the script) (TGP_fnc_checkTGPConfig)
-Added in more parameters to TGP_config (Hide TGP, PiP selectionTexture, weapon/magazine conditions)
-Changed the attachTo part of the script to also allow strings (mempoints) (via new function TGP_fnc_getAttachToStuff)
-Redone a lot of the PiP functions to allow for 3D pip
-All commands that used the lockCameraTo in the script now follow a function (TGP_fnc_setCameraDirection)
-Added in new keybindings to allow movement of camera through these keys (TGP_fnc_cameraMoveDirection) (relative to the plane)
-Added in a new addAction (set TGP grid lock) (TGP_fnc_lockCameraGridPos)
-Added in a global kill TGP function (Lala_fnc_TGPKill)
-Removed camera shake when controlling the TGP to allow for smoother controls (a lot smoother!) (will only work via keybinding or addAction)
-Added in temporary CBA keybinding fix that should eliminate the problem about the keybinds for now until CBA fix this
-And as you would expect these all will report via TGP_RPT_Debug

Alpha 0.8.971
-Added BWI SU-25K
-Fixed error during the "respawning" stage of a TGP after it had been destroyed causing more than 1 TGP to be visible! (marking as critical as it did cause some game crashes)
-Added added another line of feedback for the TGP RPT Debug

Alpha 0.8.97
-Added following Variables: TGP_crew_only, TGP_only_specfic_turrets, TGP_turret_position_override and TGP_user_classname
-Added following functions: TGP_fnc_inArrayIsKindOf, TGP_fnc_inArrayTurret, TGP_fnc_Conditions3
-Removed TGP_action (never was used)
-Added Optional Parameter for TGP_config
-All keybindings now follow TGP_fnc_Conditions3
-Added NR90
-Action now can be seen to non-crew members unless variable TGP_crew_only = 1
-Added force check to make sure that CBA version is > RC4

Alpha 0.8.961
-Fixed small error with TGP_Veh_Only = 1

Alpha 0.8.96
-Added Support for new CBA keybinding (old one is now obsolete so you will need the latest version of CBA or else you will get an error from the game about the new function being missing)
-Added in new variable: TGP_Auto_Add_TGP - Controls if TGP is auto added all vehicles or none are added and they need to be manually placed.
-Changed from TGP_config = TGP_config + [ to TGP_config append [
-Also please note that there is a bug in the game (ArmA 3 v1.42) that does not allow for UAVs to change their vision modes ( while in a vehicle.

-Added most if not all RHS air vehicles
-Added in (experimental) key binding for toggling laser fire
-Added in on the PiP screen information if the laser is on or off (please note that even though the laser is fired it may report as off)
-Changed PiP camera's rtt, from 'rtt' to 'rendertargetpod'
-Added function TGP_fnc_getCfgSide, this should fix the issue that occurs with different factions
-Changed PiP mode a bit more
-Again more stuff that I can't remember

- Added FIR_F16C, PAK-FA & Cha_AV8B
- Added PiP (TGP_fnc_PiP)
- Added Head Tracking Mode (TGP_fnc_trackHead)
- Optional Requirement CBA, key bindings moved here, you'll receive a message about this if CBA is not detected
- Possible fix to TGP not respawning when destroyed
- Added variable "TGP_visible" usage vehicle this setVariable ["TGP_visible",true]; results in invisible TGP
- Following variables also added "TGP_PIP","TGP_PIP_Zoom","TGP_trackHead","TGP_PIP_ Mode" (use getVariable)
- Plus more goodies!

- Added another option to TGP_Auto_Start
- Added DLC Choppers, F/A 18X & F/A 18F, FC-37 Thunder
- Added UAV camera Locking system (command was added in v1.26 (lockCameraTo))
- Changed how the number system is done a bit
- Removed the setGroupId function
- Worked on TGP's death function a bit more
- Now using faction command
- Minor code improvements here and there

- Added TGP_Auto_Ai_On
- Redone how the TGP's are spawned at the beginning.
- Some small code changes.

- Added new variables (TGP_Loaded, TGP_TrippleFormat, TGP_AutoConnect)
- Added Support for HAFM Planes
- Fixed CHO F-35 TGP position
- Vehicle Numbering will have different values for each side (e.g. IND plane might be 1-blah blah a BLU person gets in and changes the side of the TGP to BLU and there is already a 1- plane, it will become 2- but still retain the IND number when the TGP is IND)
- More "Enemy" fixes (When a player has negative rating) (e.g. A negative rating player gets into a Plane that has never been used, he turns the TGP on, it will be shown as any- blah blah blah before, this is now fixed)
- A hint will now come up to tell you your TGP name when you do not have a AV Terminal assigned
- Fixed AV Terminal Disconnection when player turns TGP off and he is NOT connected to the TGP he will not disconnect from current
- Added Tripple Format (e.g. 001-blah blah) for correct ordering of TGP names
- Added Auto-Connect Settings
- Added User Action 7 shortcut to take control of the TGP
- Other small fixes and clean up

- Added Command for to start all TGP's at mission launch
- Added Debug that sends to the RPT what the TGP is doing (optional)
- Vehicles on each side will now have their own numbers
- TGP's will be deleted only if the TGP is not for the player's side meaning that the TGP will only reset if you are not on the same side as the TGP
- More Optimisations
- TGP actions will now only be added to players for more optimisations
- Respawn eventhandler will now not build up hopefully
- TGP's now have names
- Vehicle's that crash will now have TGP's Dead (previous dev version was broken)
- Killing a TGP on your team side will not result in negative points (if you went in for a bombing run and you were too close the TGP would blow up and resulting in negative points)
- Respawned TGP will use the same name if on the same vehicle
- Fixed when the Parent vehicle of the TGP was deleted, the TGP would stay
- Some fixes to TGP_Veh_Only though I would still not recommend
- Some others that I cannot remember

- Fixed Respawning not giving actions to player (changed eventhandler from "Killed" to "Respawn")
- Added Support for IVORY Aircraft
- TGPs (UAVs) are now always on the vehicle, ALWAYS
- Small cleanup
- Use TGP Action now disappears when someone is using your TGP
- No more driver in the TGP
- Fix error with disabling UAVs on vehicles
- TGPs (UAVs) are visible on vehicles that allow for them and not on vehicles that don't allow for them
- Hopefully fixed the issue when someone is looking through your TGP (UAV) and then it breaks resulting in them becoming stuck

- first release

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