SP & Coop mission : The Great Escape by Domcho

Domcho released in the BI forums a remake from OFP/ArmA Cold War Assault of his The Great Escape mission.

    Quote Domcho :
    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I made any missions but recently I came back to mission editing and decided to recreate a mission that me and a friend of mine made back in Operation Flashpoint Resistance (ArmA Cold War Assault). The mission is called "The Great Escape". It's made both for singleplayer where you play alone with no friendly AI and for multiplayer where you can play with AIs or with friends. You start at the village of Cancon with nothing but a handgun. All your friends are dead, no ammo's left behind. You must head Northwest to the US base near the airfield where's the only place that has a flying vehicle - a Mi-24 Hind stolen by the Americans. The whole island is held by the US and the FIA who are working together against the USSR. All Soviet forces withdrew from Malden and what was left behind was either killed or captured except you. Your ultimate objective is to grab the Hind and fly to Kolgujev however before making your retreat home you must go through 5 villages controlled either by the US or by the FIA and destroy everything you find there as an act of vengeance against your foes which slaughtered your comrades in Cancon (and not only) while you were away. If you skip 1 single village you will not be able to complete the mission.

    At first our plan was to ignore the villages and put patrolling squads all over the island but since Malden has no trees and forests like Everon and Kolgujev, it will be kind of impossible to hide once you encounter hostiles. That's why you are forced to go through the villages situated on the road leading to the US base near the airfield. If you are wondering "How am I gonna now if the village is cleared and there aren't any soldiers hiding in the buildings/tents/bushes?" - Well once you kill the last enemy in the village you'll get a hint and a task update.

    There is only 1 huge difference that's not important that much for the mission and gameplay. In Operation Flashpoint Resistance/ArmA Cold War Assault this mission was created on the AEC island created by PMC Snake which consists of the 3 original islands (Malden, Everon, Kolgujev) on 1 place where you can go from one island to the other. Unfortunately no such addon exists for ArmA 2 at least not to my knowledge.

Written on 2014-05-26 08:02 by Armaholic  

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