Happy 2008

Armaholic wishes everybody a very happy 2008!!

Another year has past. 2007 was a good year for Armed Assault.
We have seen a lot of addons and mods being released and hopefully this will continue in 2008.
We are looking forward to many projects which have been announced this year and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy them the coming year.

Thanks go out to all those people making addons, creating missions and inventing scripts and tools. Thank to you Armed Assault is a great game and will become only better.

For Armaholic 2007 has been a very good year thanks to all its members and the community in general.
We hope 2008 will be another great year with more additions to the website.

Here are some stat's about our website:
    * Total pages displayed 15.632.234
    * Registered members 3.220
    * Pages 2.333
    * Views in forums 510.537
    * Posts in forums 15.395
    * Topics in forums 2.111
2008 will again be a year in which we can present you with changes and improvements to our website.
As with all things we hoped to be able to change more things in 2007 but lets say the way Armaholic grows is causing delays on other parts.
We have some things planned and in development which we hope we can present to you very soon.

See you all in 2008!!
The Team & Staff.

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