Author: Hertizch
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Version: 3.4.0

Short description: An Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 Launcher and Addons manager.

Date: 2014-08-27 10:34

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An Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 Launcher and Addons manager.

- Supports Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3.
- Start the game with several launch parameters to optimize performance and/or behavior.
- Start the game with selectable addons.
- Get the latest news-items from RSS feed (Can be disabled).
- Connect directly to your favorite multiplayer server.
- View/Delete your SP and MP mission PBO's.
- Download and install custom Memory Allocators.
- Easily Change your Field Of View.
- Create and edit Squad.Xml files.

Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in now way responsible if this file causes any damages!

- Make sure you have .NET framework 4.5 installed.
- Unpack the application to where you want and launch it.
- Set the paths to the installation folders for each game available in the Profiles tab.

This tool may not work with the current Arma 3 version. Neither does the author plan to update, nor support the tool any further.

Known issues:
- When launching Arma 2 OA and the BattlEye update command window refuses to finish/exit, start Arma 2 OA from Steam once then and try again (This may happen when BattlEye is trying to update).
- Armaholic news-feed formatting issues due to leftover HTML tags in the raw feed (Unsure if I should keep this feature in or not).

Change log:
- NEW: Display your Steam Avatar and current Status in the upper right corner of the launcher (Can be disabled).
- NEW: Switch to the next/previous news-item by clicking the arrow buttons (I totally forgot those).
- NEW: Log file (debug) rotation. When the log file reaches > 2mb it will be compressed into to a .gz.
- NEW: Move addons up and down in the list.
- FIX: Application no longer freezes while updating the news-feed from Armaholic (New asynchronous method).
- FIX: Application crashed if any defined extra addon locations is removed from the computer before reloading the addons list.
- CHANGED: 'Disable Addons' box on the multiplayer tab is replaced with a 'Enable Addons' box on the Addons tab.

- NEW: View/Delete your SP and MP Mission PBO's.
- NEW: While hovering over an item in the addons list, a tool tip with additional information about the addon is displayed.
- FIX: Could load any file and still get a successful result when changing FOV.
- CHANGED: Application update notification window is now a desktop pop-up notification.

- If Arma 2 OA refuses to exit from the BattlEye update CMD window. Start Arma 2 OA from Steam once, and try again (This may happen when BattlEye updates is released).
- If upgrading from a version prior to 3.0.0, some or all user settings will be lost.
- After editing a server entry, the list may not be updated properly. Restart the app if not.
- Armaholic news-feed formatting issues due to leftover HTML tags in the raw feed.

- NEW: Ability to add additional locations to search for addons.

- NEW: New design, layout and theme.
- NEW: Create Arma Squad.Xml files from a simple user interface without having to work with actual xml files (Soon).
- NEW: Tool to change your FOV (Field Of View) with just one click.
- NEW: Manage a list with your favorite multiplayer servers and connect to them directly from launch.
- NEW: Quick connect to any multiplayer server.
- NEW: Displays the latest news-items from's RSS feed (Can be disabled).
- NEW: Launch directly with any profile you have created.
- FIX: Graphical glitches due to new framework.
- CHANGED: Launch parameters are grouped by category on different pages. Also added new parameters.
- CHANGED: Displays addons from all Arma versions in one list.

- NEW: Checked addons will now stay checked when the application is re-stared.
- NEW: Automatically tries to set the installation paths for each game if application started for the first time (New method: Checks for registry values).
- FIX: Application crashes if the 'dll' folder in your Arma installation folder does not exist while downloading a custom memory allocator.

- FIX: Custom downloaded allocator error at startup.

- New: Download and install custom memory allocators. Currently supports Fred41's tbbmalloc for arma. Click the link on the launch options tab next to Memory Allocator.

- NEW: Open Installation Folder button below addons list for quick access.
- NEW: Option to add your own custom launch command.
- FIX: Saved Memory Allocator value not being properly applied at startup.
- CHANGED: More UI tweaks and spelling changes.

- FIX: No function to remove additional addon locations.
- FIX: 'Debug' box appearing on each launch.
- CHANGE: Some UI changes.

- NEW: In profiles tab, option to define additional folders to search for addons.

- First public release.

Forums Topic:
- Armaholic forums

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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