Author: Burdy323
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Requirements: Arma 2, The Unsung Vietnam War Mod, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Lowlands
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.40

Date: 2014-08-25 07:43

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Tour of Duty : Lowlands


An open world type COOP Mission for UNSUNG that encourages realistic era based tactics where the players have to coordinate together and patrol two separate zones looking for both a rouge South Vietnamese soldier and a VC civilian. The players will have many assets available to them for completing these tasks, such as Helicopters, Jets, Artillery, FOB's, and more. Some people at this point will be asking how any of this promotes "Vietnam era" style gameplay? Well, using UPSMON and a few other AI based scripts I have created a mission that spawns enemies at random in a 2500 by 2500 zone. In order to eliminate all of the targets, coordination and patrolling are a MUST. Some missions you'll walk through the jungle without a hint of combat, other times you will be getting overran left and right. This leads to an immersive and very enjoyable experience.

  • Commander spawned FOB's
  • Loadout saving
  • Dynamic engagements that change as you play
  • AI Recruitment
  • Enjoyable gameplay even with low player counts (Most playthroughs were ran with as little as 6 people)
  • UNS Firesupport + Heli extraction
  • Vietnam Style Music (Think Battlefield Vietnam) // Only available on the missions with Music enabled
  • Time Acceleration (Day + Night)
  • A few more that I am blanking on at the moment

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Music version:
    Includes :
    *No ACRE version
    *Stock mission with music

    Known issues:
    *Music can be finicky. Not much I can do about that

    *Sometimes while the mission is initializing the AI, an objective will be completed (due to one of the objectives presumably dieing). If this is the case, you can either take it as it is, or reset. From our tests, taking it as it is does NOT take away that much time from the already long mission

    *The ending trigger can be finicky. If all of the TASKS are complete, the mission is over

    *SAVE YOUR LOADOUT EVERY RESPAWN!! If you do not, your next spawn will be without the gear you spent so long setting up.

    *Sometimes you will spawn without a weapon. This is because you did not spawn with your loadout and due to a bug within the mod, UNSUNG characters do not spawn with there class and rather an M4 + NVG - a script will remove these, leaving you with just a grenade .

    *It is recommended that a player takes the "Platoon Commander" slot at the start of the mission to spawn in a FOB (accessible by the radio menu). FOB's are placed in the zones and can be used as mobile spawn/resupply/recruitment points. Be sure to keep them safe!

    *I am a pretty infant scripter. There is a GREAT possibility that some of my scripts will not work as planned. If you notice anything odd, please report by PM'ing or replying to the thread.

    *This mission has only been tested with player counts of up too 10 (using AI recruitment of course). I can not guarantee that this mission will be stable over 15 slots (especially if friendly AI is in use), so please report back if anything goes wrong with larger player counts!

    *More versions on seperate maps are planned! S.E.A will most likely be coming within the next few days/weeks.

  • Redid whole framework to make mission more Serverside based and more JIP + MP Friendly (hence the week long delay of the update)
  • Tweaked Daynight Cycle - now 30 min Day 30 min Night
  • Fixed many bugs including JIP oriented bugs and FOB spawning issues
  • Tweaked number of enemies, added respawn for some enemy AI
  • Added AI Artillery
  • Added Demonized "AISoldierFlare 1.3" Script
  • Added MHQ in the form of an APC that respawns
  • Added parameters to the mission so instead of three separate versions, only one now
  • Removed napalm dropping Planes + Helicopters. Caused ArmA 2 fire bug when JIP
  • Added the ability to recruit AI outside of the FOB via APC (recruiting inside the fob leads to them not being able to leave - so only use recruiting at the inside flagpole for defending!)
  • Fixed Outposts wrongly displaying when they have and haven't been overran
  • Fixed "Settings" action - now works properly

  • Credits & thanks:
    GEQQU - For helping me create a music script and giving me some pointers on general scripting
    BON - His "recruit units" script and "vehicledrivercheck" script
    CELERY - His cly_removedead script
    UNSUNG TEAM - There mod and modules... Plus a few scripts from the evo mission
    WOLFFY - His "crB_teleport" script
    ENGIMA - His "DynamicWeatherEffects" script
    GENERALCARVER - His "Settings" script
    MONSADA - His "UPSMON" script

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - The Unsung Vietnam War Mod
    - Community Base Addons

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