SP & Coop mission : Tour of Duty : Lowlands by Burdy updated

Burdy released in the BI forums an update for this open world type COOP Mission for UNSUNG that encourages realistic era based tactics where the players have to coordinate together and patrol two separate zones looking for both a rouge South Vietnamese soldier and a VC civilian.

  • Redid whole framework to make mission more Serverside based and more JIP + MP Friendly (hence the week long delay of the update)
  • Tweaked Daynight Cycle - now 30 min Day 30 min Night
  • Fixed many bugs including JIP oriented bugs and FOB spawning issues
  • Tweaked number of enemies, added respawn for some enemy AI
  • Added AI Artillery
  • Added Demonized "AISoldierFlare 1.3" Script
  • Added MHQ in the form of an APC that respawns
  • Added parameters to the mission so instead of three separate versions, only one now
  • Removed napalm dropping Planes + Helicopters. Caused ArmA 2 fire bug when JIP
  • Added the ability to recruit AI outside of the FOB via APC (recruiting inside the fob leads to them not being able to leave - so only use recruiting at the inside flagpole for defending!)
  • Fixed Outposts wrongly displaying when they have and haven't been overran
  • Fixed "Settings" action - now works properly

Written on 2014-08-25 07:41 by Burdy323  

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