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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1

Short description: A tiny script that fix the head glitch with walls.

Date: 2014-09-29 07:25

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Head Wall Glitch Fix


This is a script which prevents people from using a bug to be able to see and shoot through walls in Arma 3. This issue affects too to buildings and other objects.
This fix is a little script that will turn the screen black every time the player tries to use the glitch.

I hope soon the glitch that allow this will be fixed. I did some research to make this project and I'm aware that Bohemia Interactive knows about this issue.

I already introduced this code in a new version of the Capture The Flag missions I created for the player VS player tournament that the team is making.
This fix and the TrackingCAM ( ) are perfect to create a great player VS player environment for Arma 3.

Installation / Usage:
1. Be aware that this is a mission for the editor so you must place the folder inside the folder where the editor missions are stored (You will find the mission inside the ALTIS island)
2. If (experienced mission editor) Then {You know what to do.} Else {Use this mission to start to create your missions.}

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Known issues:
. There is an invisible structure inside the stairs on buildings Land_i_House_Big_02_V1_F and Land_i_House_Big_02_V2_F that trigger the code.
. The code is triggered if you get very close to a wall and you look down.

Please give me your feedback specially if you found that something can be improved about this code.

Credits & Thanks:
Created By [88] Murcielago (Comments and/or job offers are welcome)

License / Disclaimer:
Please if you use parts of my codes mention its creator.

- first release

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