SP & Coop missions : FCSP mission concept by MajorExperiMental

MajorExperiMental informed us he released a new mission under the 'Frontline Commander Strategy Playground'-mission concept and updated versions of the previous ones.

    Quote MajorExperiMental :
    In the centre of the village, at the church, Blufor has a small base where a handful scientists has escaped from Opfor. Their safety is now seriously compromised since Opfor suddenly perform a bit fragmented, but still dangerous attack against the village using infantry infiltration units, vehicle units, air-units and boat units! Defend the life's of the VIP's but also the civilians in the city! Intel also says infantry infiltration bring civilians with them as human shield hostage meaning using mortars against those unit's is NOT recommended!

    Strategy hint: This mission have a most of all an urban (small village) combat theme since the defending of the civilians there are main objective. In any case recon are central; the use of drones for intel are higly recommended (to be able to that first add an UAV-terminal from boxes or vehichles with ammo storage - the VAS-system).

Written on 2016-07-02 09:44 by MajorExperiMental  

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