Author: CheyenneAH56
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Requirements: Helicopters, Arma 3 Laws of War, Malden 2035

Version: 1.41A
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: aerial firefighting simulation

Date: 2018-01-03 10:20

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User document

PhysX update for aircraft

new : fire behavior in the wind
new : air and land vehicles (see vehicle list, page 2)
new : UAV module (see module list, page 3)
new : script that manages the fire icons changing on the map
new : scripts for water tank vehicles (beta, WIP / the script significantly slowed down the system)
new : supply station (beta, WIP / can only be placed once / duplicate problem)
new : textures for S-64F / CH-54 (three vehicle paints)
new : Ignition of fire is available in the 3DEN editor (see in Empty and use the SCmod filter)
changed : fire propagation script
changed : aspect of the forest fire
changed : two compatible tank modules for CH-54 / S-64F
changed : drop ratio for aircraft
changed : correction and improvement of modules
changed : unit icons for 3DEN editor
changed : random radio speech module based on BIS audio (see module list, page 3)
changed : textures and equipment for ground units
and all I did not mention, just forget

being finalized version
Back in the 90s with the AS-350 Ecureuil and its first water bomber prototype, tested in summer 1987.
Many new modules, and the new unit class, the fire chief officer, on the ground.
And many other updates.

New Propagation of forest fires, even more realistic.
Wind effect management.
New forest fire inition script, with fewer fps lag.
New visual rendering of forest fires.
Improved visual rendering of water drops.
New version of the heavy helicopter HH-67.
Addition of a waterkit module for the HH-67.
Addition of a scooping module for amphibious aircraft.
Addition of a siren on the helicopters of the SCmod liveries (to be used before the water drops).
Initialization of the water bucket module reworked (with new hanging and deployment commands).
Additional Scenarios. And many other stuff.

several new updates.
a lot of new units.
corrected script errors.

- New HH-412 helicopter (SCmod & civilian rescue) .
- New P-3A Orion aircraft (for airtanker missions).
- New waterkit fixed tank for HH-412 helicopter.
- New belly mounted tank module for aircrafts (especially for P-3A).
- Replacement of names and references.

- New AS-532 helicopter (SCmod & civilian rescue) from the FFAA mod.
- New L-100J aircraft (for MAFFS missions).
- New HEMTT water truck (for re lling MAFFS tanks).
- New SC pilot unit.
- New SC crew unit.
- Forest fires are located only in wooded areas.
- New smoke fog effect, according to the intensity the forest fires.
- New realistic water drop effect.
- New display with the direction, distance, and the status of forest fire.
- New action menu command to control the ropes height (bladder & cargo).
- New action menu command to use a winch for rescue missions (AS-532 only).
- New textures for water tank kits.
- New large waterkit fixed tank for AS-532 helicopter.
- New MAFFS module for aircrafts (especially for L-100J).
- Improvements of radio dialogs.
- Improvements of scripts.

- bug correction

- MI-290 Taru SC
- MI-290 large waterkit fixed tank module
- Modules renaming
- Forest fire script updates
- General script updates
- Stratis SCmod mission demonstration
- Altis SCmod mission demonstration

- CH-67 Huron - SC livery
- WH-56 SC livery
- Zamak fuel SC livery
- New forest fire render
- Script updates

Beta 2
- new modules, three kits and a dynamic fire mission generator.
- a painted livery of CH49 with embedded camera option and mirror.
- dynamic fire that destroyed the landscape and surrounding objects
- use of the new features included in the DLC Helicopters
- and much more...

- Helicopters
- Arma 3 Malden
- Arma 3 Laws of War

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