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Fromz released a small hotfix for his Living Through - Live another day mod on the BI forums.
If you already downloaded this mod just download the small hotfix! Overwrite any older file with the new ones.

    Quote :
    LT: Living Through is a total modification for military simulation game Arma 3.

    After more than 50 days hard work regardless of day and night, after paid a great effort, New Terrain, New Structures, New Plants, New Rocks, New Objects, New Vehicle, New Weapons, New Sounds, New Characters(Female), New Animation, New UI, New Mission, Massive Scripting.
    New Launcher even a new P2P NAT traversal communication extension.
    But we finally released our game modification.

    We recently often think, we are indeed overestimating our abilities, our time, these are really a tremendous amount of work.

    Game backgrounds:
    The superpower's nuclear weapons, which equivalent to five billion tons of TNT, launched all around the world and explosion on the planet in less than a year.
    After the nuclear war, a lot of dust gathered in the lower stratosphere and rotate to go along with the Earth's rotation.
    The wolrd below 2500 meters altitude, trap in the haze of nuclear winter.
    Human beings not noly responsible for this catastrophe, but also the most direct victims.
    Only lucky, physically highly qualified, less than 100 million people survive.
    they kept escape to the survival spots around the world, Alps, Bolivia, Pamirs and Tibet...
    looking for the sun、water and food, search rare 'wonderherb' to reduce nuclear radiation and keep energetic.
    A lot of people helping each other in an attempt to ride out the storm, even so, some bad bunch of people are constantly make humanity stains.
    You are the one, who are looking, searching, helping, talking, running, killing or dying... in the survival spot.

    • Free survival role playing game without zombies or monsters, real-time user saved profile, Both singleplay and on-line multiplayer use same saved user profile.
    • New peer to peer game networking technology (NAT traversal HOST online game)*
    • New 20x20km high precision terrain with new vegetations and some Chinese structures
    • Black market trading system.
    • New Weapons such as handmade Crossbow and ex-government forces firearms*
    • New High-quality vehicles: China-style electric tricycle,dugout canoe,clunkers*
    • New female characters with many identities, few new male head models and a new part of the animation system*
    • Powerful Arma 3 Extension functions librarys

    *Imperfect, incomplete contents in alpha version, will upgrade soon.

    • Fixed "Network Fault or you use illegal save file, please reset the network and do not use other computer to play" bug in some situation.

Written on 2014-10-31 20:38 by fromz  

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