Author: DreadPirate
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.40

Short description: This script takes editor-based groups and respawns them when the group is eliminated

Date: 2017-10-02 08:57

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Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning


This script takes editor-based groups and respawns them when the group is eliminated
The group's waypoints are saved
The group's loadouts are saved
Multiple respawn positions are available
Spawning can be synchronized with a trigger to create groups when needed
The number of respawns can be set, or it can respawn infinitely
The respawn delay can be a fixed number or a range
A pause radius is available so groups don't spawn on top of their enemies
An exit trigger can be used to exit the script early
Integrated GAIA support (
A custom init string can be used to run your favourite patrol script, attack script, gear script, etc.
Units are added to Zeus automatically
Use it for ambient combat, waves of attackers, random patrols or whatever else you think of.....

Installation / Usage:
Copy the jebus folder into your mission folder
Copy description.ext into your mission folder (or merge description.ext with yours)
Place a group in the editor
Call the script in the initialization box of the leader or group (examples given below)
Option: Synchronize a trigger with the group leader. The group will not spawn until the trigger is activated

this = Leader of a group
"LIVES=" - Number of times group should respawn. Integer or array [minLives, maxLives]. Default is infinite lives
"DELAY=" - Delay in seconds before respawning. Number or array [minTime, maxTime]. Default is 30 seconds
"CACHE=" - Group will cache until players are within "CACHE=" metres. Default is no caching
"REDUCE=" - Group will cache until players are within "REDUCE=" metres. Default is no reducing
"START=" - Initial spawning delay. Use if you spawn multiple groups by one trigger to avoid spawn lag. Default is 0.
"GAIA_MOVE=" - Group added to GAIA with "MOVE" parameter
"GAIA_NOFOLLOW=" - Group added to GAIA with "NOFOLLOW" parameter
"GAIA_FORTIFY=" - Group added to GAIA with "FORTIFY" parameter
"FLYING" - Air vehicles will spawn already flying
"RESPAWNMARKERS=" - Array of alternate respawn positions
"PAUSE=" - Radius in which enemies will pause the spawner. Default is 200.
"EXIT=" - Name of exit trigger. Group will not respawn again once trigger is activated
"INIT=" - Init string to run upon spawning. (Use "_proxyThis" where you would usually use "this" in a script or function call). Default is empty string.
"DEBUG" - Will provide debugging information

0 = [this] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Respawns group with default parameters. Uses editor waypoints.
0 = [this, "LIVES=", [4,8]] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Respawns group 4 - 8 times. Uses editor waypoints.
0 = [this, "DELAY=", [30,60]] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Respawns group after 30 - 60 seconds delay. Uses editor waypoints.
0 = [this, "CACHE=", 500, "GAIA_NOFOLLOW=", "3"] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Group uncaches when players are within 500m of spawn position. Assigns group to GAIA zone 3.
0 = [this, "PAUSE=", 100, "INIT=", "[_proxyThis, 'agia'] execVM 'UPS.sqf'"] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Group initializes Kronzky's UPS script to patrol a marker named 'agia'. Respawning will pause if enemies are within 100m of spawn position.
0 = [this, "GAIA_MOVE=", "9", "RESPAWNMARKERS=", ["m1", "m2"]]spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Group will respawn randomly at its editor position or "m1" or "m2". Assigned to GAIA zone 9.
0 = [this, "GAIA_NOFOLLOW=", "10", "EXIT=", myExitTrigger] spawn jebus_fnc_main;
Group will respawn until myExitTrigger is activated. Assigned to GAIA zone 10.

v1.40 (2017/10/2)
Moved JEBUS into its own folder. Reorganised code
Dynamic Loadout support
"START=" added. Initial spawning delay
Multi vehicle groups support RESPAWNMARKERS
Various tweaks and fixes

Skill levels are saved
Various tweaks and fixes

Vehicles will respawn in editor positions
"REDUCE=" added. Reduces a group to just the leader until players are within range (infantry only)

Moved trigger activation inside main loop (Thanks to pritchardgsd)
Switched to using getUnitLoadout over BIS_fnc_saveInventory
Switched to using setUnitLoadout over BIS_fnc_loadInventory
Fixed planes spawning with "FLYING"

Script can be called from GROUP init (Thanks to S.Crowe)
Locked status of vehicles saved and restored
Cargo of vehicles saved and restored

Fixed caching with hideObjectGlobal and enableSimulationGlobal
Editor loadouts are saved and restored on respawn

Added waypoint support
Added variable respawn position support
Added exit trigger support

  • Eden update
  • Changed activation and reset to a caching system
  • Simplified calling attack and patrol scripts
  • Now handles units in vehicle cargo correctly
  • Air vehicles can be spawned on ground or flying
  • Diver and boat support
  • Integrated GAIA support
  • Added group clean up
  • Discontinued ArmA 2 support

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