CH View Distance Script by Champ-1
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Champ-1 released an updated version of his CH View Distance Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This update changed a lot of internal code and I made it pretty fast so it could have some bugs.
    It has pretty nice features I've been wanting myself. FOV based dynamic object view distance is one of them and I think it should be in game by default. But, nevertheless, here it is.
    Formula I use to calculate object view distance based on FOV is still pretty rough. I think it might not work as well if you changed your default FOV in game files. So I would be glad to hear your suggestions. :)
    Also I added German translation from Ian Bones. I don't know the quality of that translation and couple new words I added are not translated, so please leave the feedback.

    • added: new dynamic synchronization of object view distance, including the method based on current FOV
    • added: beta version of the German translation (please leave feedback. I'm neither know German, nor can test it in game)
    • changed: UI reworked to fit new dynamic options

Written on 2017-01-08 17:23 by Armaholic  

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