ASCZ Heads by Taurus4K
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Taurus4K released his ASCZ Heads addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I was disappointed with that small amount of faces Arma 3 has.
    I know what this game needs, more faces with facial hair!
    ASCZ Heads is an add-on, that adds about 26 new faces to your game and also unlocks 5 faces the ones in the campaign of the game. This add-on also redoes the Custom face, where I have added config of legs and hands and new normal map for face, which was not included in the Final release of the game. Unfortunately this is only for faces with white skin tone. (face.jpg in your ...\Documents\Arma 3 -> most servers have restrictions for maximum sizes of 100kbs per file) AI will use those face as well.

Written on 2014-11-25 20:08 by Taurus4K  

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