Author: CUP Team
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.7.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2 [+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

Date: 2016-07-16 20:45
Submitted by: NeoArmageddon

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Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack

CUP Team

This is the WEAPONS pack. It contains all the weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns,
grenade launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, and whatever else goes "boom" in Arma 2 and the expansion
and DLC's. All weapons are stripped of their attachments were possible, and these have been turned
into attachable scopes, lasers, flashlights, and bipods interchangeable with the vanilla content.

Some of the weapons are new or derived from the original ones.

The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2 [+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game, and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.

Cooperative and coordinated effort to get a coherent port of Arma 2 content [+ OA and DLCs] from BI to ARMA 3 standards
Full availability of all source material under share-alike license (APL-SA).
In essence everyone can make use of the work to build mods on his own as long as he provides credits, shares also his sources and keeps the same license
Release of the content in a coherent way
Content to come soon: vehicles, infantry, uniforms, terrains, objects, buildings, vegetation, wild life.


To install the Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Credits & Thanks:
[GLT] Legislator (infantry, objects)
Apilon (vehicles)
Argument (buildings)
deltagamer (vehicles)
geraldbolso1899 (vehicles)
Giallustio (weapons)
Lennard (infantry)
LordJarhead (sounds)
Pansyfaust (buildings, vehicles)
Redstone (ponds)
Reyhard (vehicles, infantry, buildings, terrains)
RichardsD (vehicles, infantry)
soju (lighting, configs)
Taurus (weapons)
Tierprot (materials, vegetation)
toadie2k (animations)
CAA-Picard (AGM compability)
Jonpas (AGM compability)
Winter (AGM compability)
petrtlach (sa58)
Paul Tomany (M4A3)
BlackPixxel (AT launchers)

ShackTactical (zx64, Bricks, Rspctd, Renzol)

Ace (terrains, buildings)
alias (PR/promo, website)
Alwarren (weapons and attachments, backpacks, infantry)
Aoi (configs, data mgmt)
Benargee (vehicles)
Bismarck (buildings)
Blip (promo)
Bobman (weapons)
BusterBlader (vehicles)
chortles (promo)
CypeRevenge (buildings, vegetation)
eggbeast (configs, vehicles)
fabiochavez (lighting, promo)
Fluit (scripting)
gagagu (buildings)
hcpookie (vehicles)
J_g0re (promo)
James (buildings)
Keeway (vehicles)
kju (retired)
EvroMalarkey(configs, vehicles, data mgmt)
Kllrt (weapons)
Ligthert (configs)
M1lkm8n (buildings)
meat (backend)
Meaty (buildings, vegetation)
Mitsu (PR/promo)
NonovUrbizniz (buildings, promo)
Olds (RAM)
Raid (vehicles)
RedPhoenix (physx)
SGTGunner (vehicles, buildings, vegetation)
smokedog (buildings, terrains)
TheRob (buildings)
Tupolov (vehicles)
Varanon (vehicles)
WinteR5 (weapons)
zGuba (vehicles)
Damion 'Anthony' Rayne (project lead candidate)

Added soundshaders to AWM, CZ750, M24, KSVK, VSS, AA12, Saiga12K, EVO, M60E4, MP5. Updated soundshaders for Hunting Rifle and Lee Enfield.
Added proper silencer model to L85.
CUP_Weapons_East_Attachments - Made PSO-1's ironsight-mode usable.
CUP_Weapons_L85 - UGL Launcher sight now flips down correctly. Fixed UGL eye offset causing grenades to miss.
CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Fixed missing shot sound for RPG-7.
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - fixed missing shot sounds for Zu-23, Stryker MGS, M1 Abrams, Apache, Super Cobra.

General - Added soundshaders to several weapons (roughly 65% complete, many of which made by LAxemann). Added weapons compatibility to new vehicles (L39).
CUP_Weapons_M16 - added Mk12 SPR dedicated silencer.
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - added dedicated M134 gatling 7.62 ammunition. Added new 4000Rnd magazines for miniguns.
General - various reload animations replaced with more suitable ones (AK, M16, L85 - by Toadie, CZ805, FAL, L129, M110, SA58, SCAR, XM8).
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - base classes now properly hidden.
CUP_Weapons_C7 - removed package pending review.
CUP_Weapons_L7 - removed package, merged all data and configs into M240 folder.
CUP_Weapons_GrenadeLaunchers - fixed magazine order, now HE grenades take priority.
CUP_Weapons_PKM - centralized vehicle materials and textures to PKM folder. Modified materials and textures. Added destruct RVMAT. Fixed PKM zeroing position.
CUP_Weapons_WeaponData - centralized vehicle materials and textures for M134 Gatling. Modified M134 materials.
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - increased AT3 and reduced AT5 reloadTime. AH-64 gunner HUD improvement (better differentiation between different kinds of bursts). Enabled crosshairs for FFAR rocket pods. Twin miniguns now consume twice as much ammunition.
CUP_Weapons_SCAR - modified materials.
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - changed displayName for M240 mags. Fixed tracer rounds on M240 mags. Upped CMImmunity of Maverick missiles, should now be more resistant to countermeasures.
General - Weapon mounted flashlights now have proper lighting values. Fixed some config errors with L85, M60 and M249. Fixed ACE magazine classnames in CUP configs. Fixed issues with Kiory's weapons having grey edges at further distances. Fixed Russian names.
CUP_Weapons_AK - AKM front sight not offset anymore.
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - SPG9 doesn't play the autoloader sound when reloading anymore. Modified Falanga ATGM flight behavior, should not fall like a rock anymore. Fixed Vikhr ATGM lifetime and speed. Dingo MG3 now has proper rate of fire of 1300RPM. Fixed displayNameShort for T34/55 cannon magazines.
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - fixed zeroing HUD display. Fixed weapon deployment with backpack for DSHKM, M2 and M252.
CUP_Weapons_Backpack - fixed AS map on SLA medic bag.
CUP_Weapons_Colt1911 - fixed reload/drysound.
CUP_Weapons_L129 - fixed missing magazine string.
CUP_Weapons_Shield - fixed fire geometry issues.
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - fixed BMP1 cannon ammunition not being compatible with manual zeroing.

General - Added compatibility with new vehicles (BMP-3/Warrior IFV/Tunguska/Ka-60 Kasatka/ANZAC Frigate/Superhind/MCV-80/T72M4CZ/AH-6/T-34). Added meta.cpp for Steam Workshop. Improved some ACE functionalities, M240 and M249 can now swap barrels, added ACE_isBelt to machinegun belts. Added Russian male and female names.
CUP_Weapons_M240 - added stockless M240 model.
CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - Added Chedaki Alice Pack with Bedroll. Added Russian Spetsnaz bag.
CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - Added BFA/Elcan/LLM/Surefire attachments.
CUP_Weapons_L85 - added Kiory's L85/L86 models.
CUP_Weapons_NVG - Added HMNVS
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Added L129A1 mags
CUP_Weapons_L129A1 - Added L129A1 weapon
CUP_Weapons_Shield - Added Ballistic Shield
CUP_Weapons_AK - added predefined variants for Russian units.
CUP_Weapons_M16 - added predefined variants for US Army units.
CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - added new hand animation and launcher position for RPG7, the launcher doesn't sit so high up on the back anymore. Added predefined variants with scopes.
CUP_Weapons_M110 - added bipod to standard M110
General - Modified materials of most weapons and attachments to reduce weird reflective effects. Moved most entries from configWeaponsmass.h to individual weapon configs. Initial conversion to sound shaders for vehicles. Various changes to sound distances for weapons not using sound shaders.
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - increased Vikhr CMImmunity to 0.95 (very high). Added subsonic AK-74 ammo. Reduced M9 magazine weight. Raised 7.62x39 ammo hit value.
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - cleaned up and optimized D30 pack script. D-30 and M119 prepared for public.
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - tweaked particle effects for M2 Crows. Added crosshairs for GAU-8
CUP_Weapons_Strela/Igla/Stinger - increased volume for locking/locked sound effects.
CUP_Weapons_L110 - removed heat shield on L110.
CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - modified AN/PVS10 resource according to latest dev branch changes
CUP_Weapons_SA58 - modified brass ejection effect
General - fixed some author strings. Weapons having incorrect mass. AIs should now prefer primary weapons to handguns. Changed SPG-9 general behavior, can now properly zero, has now better sounds. Added missing DLC icons.
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - various fixes for Dshkm, KORD and Zu-23. Mortars, Metis, AGS, SPG9 and TOW now available.
CUP_Weapons_PK - Fixed PK distant LOD
CUP_Weapons_L7/M240 - adjusted particle effects. Fixed inverted bipod on L7A1. Adjusted M240 inertia so it doesn't handle like an SMG anymore. Adjusted L7A1 rate of fire.
CUP_Weapons_M249 - fixed zoom level. Initial config cleanup.
CUP_Weapons_M60 - fixed zoom level
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - fixed typos in displayName and displayNameShort. Fixed error with CUP_B_23mm_APHE_Red_Yellow. Fixed Compact and Phantom magazines scope.
CUP_Weapons_Javelin - fixed selection on Javelin CLU, now hidden correctly at further distances.
CUP_Weapons_Ammoboxes - fixed error with CBA extended event handlers not being supported.
CUP_Weapons_AK - fixed wrong material/texture assignment on RPK74M
CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - fixed icon assignment for german backpacks.
CUP_Weapons_Glock17 - removed empty proxy triangle.
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - moved UH1H weapons from separate file to vehicle weapons master config.
CUP_Weapons_East_Attachments - fixed PSO-1 lens texture issue.
CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - fixed CUP_optic_LeupoldMk4_MRT_tan invisible lens.
CUP_Weapons_LeeEnfield - fixed descriptionShort
CUP_Weapons_CZ805 - fixed texture assignment in view LOD

General - Arsenal icons added for all weapons items.
CUP_Weapons_GrenadeLaunchers - Added 6G30/RG-6 grenade launcher
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - Added displayNameShort for M256 cannon, added support for Strykers/T-34/F-35/upgraded Harrier/Su-34
CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - Added backpacks in Tropentarn and Flecktarn (credits to Brainbug for original files), added SLA medical bag, added NAPA backpack ("Hiking Backpack")

CUP_Weapons_NVG - Added PVS-7 night vision goggles
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - Added RBS-70
CUP_Weapons_M249 and CUP_Weapons_M60E4 - Models and anims replaced with data by toadie (HLC)
CUP_Weapons_M16 - added proper Mk.12 silencer model
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - added slingload for M119
CUP_Weapons_Ammoboxes - added ACE carry/drag values
CUP_Weapons_MicroUZI - New improved textures for Micro UZI
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - Added support for BMP and Bradley vehicles, SPG-9 cannot lock on targets anymore
CUP_Weapons_M14/DMR - adjusted weaponMass values
CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - properly hidden most static weapons (still WIP)
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - changed PG-9/OG-9 self destruct values (used in SPG-9)
CUP_Weapons_XM8 - fixed bipods on Sharpshooter and SAW variants, fixed handanims, fixed bolt animation on XM8 Compact
General - moved forward eye relief on many weapons to proper real world position, moved ACE rocket launcher functionality to ACE Compat pbo
CUP_Weapons_Ammunitions - AI equipped with 7.62 AK ammunitions can now engage airvehicles
CUP_Weapons_L110 - L110A1 200rnd magazine was too light

CUP_Weapons_Saiga12k - button for stock folding, fixed position
CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - RPG7 has been improved using a better port by AKP. More ammunitions and Optical sights.
CUP_Weapons_AK - RPK magazines now have correct tracer color
CUP_Weapons_PK - fixed tracer color and added proper zeroing for PK and PKP
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Shotgun slugs now deal more damage
ACE compat - fixed ACE config, also moved to another folder to make it optional

General - Weapon Sounds revised
CUP_Weapons_L7A2 - increased rate of fire to match M240
CUP_Weapons_Evo - increased rate of fire
CUP_Weapons_L110 - sound config to match M249
CUP_Weapons_GrenadeLaunchers - 6G30 drum model editing
CUP_Weapons_DMR - Renamed "DMR" to "M14 DMR"
General - Changes to reload anims. Not perfect but better fitting.
CUP_Weapons_M60E4 - Volume editing
CUP_Weapons_G36 - adjusted konec hlavne memory point for all G36
CUP_Weapons_DMR - Zasleh in LOD 2 and 3
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - AGS30 Displayname
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - RPG18 balistics
CUP_Wepons_AWM - G22 and 7.62x67mm Winchester Magnum Bullet
CUP_Weapons_G36 - Missing MG36 Holo variant
CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - German Medic Backpack
CUP_VehicleWeapons - various new weapons for Vehicles
General - CUP insignia arm patches
And a maaaaaaaany of other stuff we don't remember...

- Fixed: RHS conflict error

- Added: Support for bipods and other improvements from the Marksman DLC
- Added: New and improved sounds
- Added: New weapons variants
- Added: ACE3 Support
- Improved: Collimators use new tech now
- And many other improvements and fixes

Added: JSRS3 compatibility
Added: AGM compatibility
Added: Sa vz58 with GL launcher
Added: M4A3
Added: First version of RPG18 with working sights
Added: New textures for ACR backpacks
Added: RL weight to M107...
Added: Mass tagg for physx
Added: new IGLA_rtm...
Added: AK74M again + Improved Saiga anims
Improved: Ballistics for AT/AA launchers
Improved: Phantom, Duty and Compact sights texture
Improved: Pistol UI icons...
Improved: Enfield improvements
Changed: AKM magazine - changed weight to about 1kg
Changed: Set author tag in CUP classes
Changed: unified formatting.
Changed: unified formatting.
Changed: tagged all p3d with CUP tag.
Changed: word case.
Changed: eye position on AKs, first try of new reaload anims...
Changed: eye pos for CZ805 and vz58...
Fixed: M107 magazine have no longer 41 rounds
Fixed: Unnecessary required addons entries
Fixed: Reload anims are all A3 now + new testing sa58 model + modified MK4NO1 tex and s...
Fixed: Grenade stringtable
Fixed weird blob in Geometry
Fixed: all model cfg entries to have a CUP prefix...
Fixed: MicroUZI trigger animation
Fixed: G36 skeleton name
Fixed: vz58 eye position
Fixed: M60 weapon sounds. Thanks to audiocustoms!
Fixed: inheritance.
Fixed: some mem points and ACOG second optic PP
various other fixes

- first release

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