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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.61

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Date: 2008-10-04 08:50

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Mando Bombs

A plane will perform real and accurate free fall or SADARM bombs run against indicated object or coordinates.

Use any plane you want with any bomb class available in ArmA, external addons or the scripted SADARM and execute deadly bomb runs against any unit, vehicle, building, object or coordinates.

Included also the Mando Air Support Console, from where you may order bomb runs over map positions or call for close air support where the planes will select targets within 500m from the indicated support center. You may also call for attack choppers support, airborne assaults and if Mando Missile ArmA is initialized in your mission, call for cruise missile attacks. Sakakah bombing problems gone.

Read the Mando Bombs ArmA online help for more info about demo missions and scripts usage.

See it in action:

Air Support Console:

Ground deployed SADARM:

SADARM saturation bombardment:

Armed Reconnaissance

Armed Night Reconnaissance

- No more unlimited missiles for armed reconnaissance missions
- Armed reconnaissance missiles maneouverability increased
- More friendly camera control, now you dont need to fight the plane movements while aiming with the camera
- Camera speed increased and also adjusted based on zoom level. Overal speed increased and fine control even with maximum zoom
- Camera for non reco missions is now steerable, but you cannot zoon in it.
- Mando Missile visual launcher using SADARM bombs included (mando_bombs_airsadarm.Intro demo mission)

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