Arma 3 DLC - Marksmen Developer Diary: Weapons & Platform Features

Korneel van 't Land informed us Bohemia Interactive released the first Marksmen DLC for Arma 3 Developer Diary.
In part I Arma 3's Creative Director Jay Crowe, Project Lead Joris-Jan van ’t Land and Encoding Lead Petr Kolar discuss the vision behind the Marksmen DLC, its development process and the contribution it makes to the Arma 3 sandbox.

In part II of the developer diary, members of the Arma 3 development team will discuss the new End Game multiplayer mode, showcase scenarios, firing drills, training courses as well as the Virtual Garage feature, which will all be shipped alongside the Marksmen DLC.

    Quote :
    Prague, Czech Republic, Monday March 23rd 2015

    The Arma 3 Marksmen DLC consists of seven new weapons, two scopes, remote designators, ghillie suits, firing drills, and the Marksmen showcase scenario. The DLC will be accompanied by a major platform update, which will be free for all people who own Arma 3. The supporting update will introduce weapon resting and deployment, improved recoil simulation, improved AI suppression, various sound enhancements, a new multiplayer mode and showcase scenario, suppressor and bipod weapon attachments, heavy and grenadier vests, nine additional face paints, and Virtual Garage. The Marksmen DLC, and the supporting platform update, will be released on April 8th 2015.

    More information on the Marksmen DLC, and supporting platform update, can be found here. A more in-depth explanation of Bohemia Interactive’s approach to DLC for Arma 3, and how it prevents a split in the game’s multiplayer community between those who own DLC and those who do not, is available in a previously released dev blog.

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Written on 2015-03-23 15:55 by Bohemia Interactive  

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