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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 3.9.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: ACE3 - A proud merger between the ACE2, AGM and CSE teams

Date: 2017-03-21 20:56

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Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)


Today we are excited to present to the Arma community the first release of Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3). ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from Arma 2's ACE2 project.

This mod is entirely open-source (we are hosted on GitHub), and everyone is free to propose changes or maintain their own, customized version as long as they make their changes open to the public in accordance with the GNU General Public License.

ACE3 is built modularly, thus a team can maintain its own tailored version, excluding a select number of components that they don't like, or which conflict with other addons. Larger components themselves, like the medical system and other core features also include various customization options, allowing mission designers and communities to tweak the overall experience.

Core Features
Completely new 3D Interaction/Action System
Performance and reliability framework
Focus on modularity and customization
New flexible client and server settings & configuration
Improved medical system with various levels (Basic/Advanced) focus on gameplay/realism
Proper & consistent network synced weather
Wind and Weather Advanced Ballistics
Captivity System
Explosives System including different trigger types
Map screen improvements, marker placement and map tools
Advanced missile guidance and laser designation

Additional Features
Carrying and dragging
Realistic names for vehicles and weapons
Realistic ballistics/FCS calculated in C/C++ extensions
Backblast and overpressure simulation
A fire control system for armored vehicles and helicopters
Disposable launchers
Realistic G-forces
Vehicle Locking
Name tags
Realistic Night and Thermal vision modes
Magazine repacking
Realistic weapon heating
Combat deafness simulation
Improved Ragdoll Physics
Improved interactions for AARs and ammo bearers
Adjustable sniper scopes
No Idle Animation with lowered weapon
No talking player Avatar
Jumping over obstacles, climbing over walls and cutting down fences
Vector, MicroDAGR, Kestrel and ATrag devices
... and much more

To install the Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Documentation for our features, modules, usage and for developers is available on our wiki at Since this is our first release, not all documentation is available yet but will come soon. If you are interested in helping out with writing documentation the source is available on our repository.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
Destroying a vehicle with vehicle cook off enabled will not increase score

Developers can update their mods by one of the following methods to work with ACE.
Reference: Two guides to help developers get started with the CBA extended event handler system

Working With Us:
ACE3 is entirely open source, and you can find our project on GitHub. If you are interested in working with us get involved, if you are regularly suggesting and committing features and bug fixes to us that we accept then you'll probably get asked to join the team officially. If you aren't doing work directly on ACE3, keep at it. We are always scouting the best talent in this community and looking to mature good projects by bringing individuals and teams officially on board with us!

If you want to get a jump start on ACE3 and check out the code, please go to our GitHub repository!

If you encounter any issues during usage of the ACE3 project, please report them on our GitHub issue tracker. Before you do however, we kindly ask you to read the how to report an issue article on our wiki.

Credits & Thanks:
See the included ACE 3 CONTRIBUTOR LIST.

A new feature to set a name for Slideshows, because each one should be special for you.
Add meta data for new community maps and correct latitude.
Compatibility for the RHS GREF RKG-3 grenade, thanks to our awesome community.
Hide earplug actions if ace_hearing is disabled. You wouldn't wear them for decorative purposes.
Use the new CBA Accessory Functions for Laser mode switching. If they can do that why should we?
The new Arma 3 update was all bananas about a location called "bananas". Now we use less fruity names.
When adding color mapping for the map gesture function, it could sometimes happen that an error is thrown. And that ain't cool.
The ATragMX gun list is now more prone to errors on ACE3 updates. It seems you found it annoying to delete your profile each time we made changes to the list.
Medical texts in Korean are now properly translated. (Reds, go together!)
Corrected the Katiba's barrel lengths. Because size matters ... at least when shooting ... bullets
You were able to lockpick an unlocked vehicle from the inside. Since that doesn't make sense we removed it.
An error snuck in when Advanced Ballistics was disabled the range card refused by all means to show wind and lead values.
Pilots of fast moving aircraft stopped being little sissies and won't die when taking control of them as Zeus.
Weapons with integrated scopes can now be used with Advanced Ballistics again. (Still no quick scopes!)
When storing a weapon in the gun bag your character will take better care of the loaded magazine and won't lose it anymore.
Being unable to use the medical system on a save game after restarting Arma 3 is now a thing of the past.
Fixed an issue with setVariablePublic.
Sometimes when editing units in Eden an engineer would suddenly switch his profession to medic and a medic would frankly ridiculously prefer to apply WD-40 to a patient instead of Saline.
Fixed an issue where multiple slideshows sub-actions would display on the same position resulting in no one being able
A small amount of codegrease has been applied to the medical code leading to performance improvements.
The annoying bug of the audiovisual desync in vehicle and ammo cook off won't annoy you anymore.

Add "Muzzle Velocity vs. Temperature Interpolation" and "C1 Ballistic Coefficient vs. Distance Interpolation" and "Truing Drop" to the ATragMX. So that you can calculate more and shoot less, or vice versa (#4639)
Add Japanese translations (#4785)
Add Korean translations (#4794)
Add RH Acc Surefire flashlight map compatibility (#4846)
Add Zeus module for attaching FRIES, but without Ketchup (#4597)
Add Zeus utility modules (#4661)
Add ace_setting for overpressure distance (#4691, #4770)
Add frag definitions for all remaining ammo (#342, #4736)
Add missing orange map chemlight entry (#4839)
Add more Polish translations (#4821)
Add optional "uniforms". Removes side restrictions for vanilla uniforms. Combatant cross-dressing. (#4435)
Add optionals meta.cpp files (#4763)
Add realistic names to civilian Kamaz trucks (#4851)
Add rearm to Vehicle Ammo boxes (#4750)
Add support for rearm vehicle cook off (#4779, #4565)
Add x64 DLLs (#4764, #4765, #4758)

Advanced Ballistics has an improved simulation of transonic flight for even more delightful shooting (#4652)
Advanced Ballistics has increased performance for more pleasant shooting (#4707, #4708)
Change cook off burn rate calculation for more intense initial burn that more decreases with time (should reduce overall cook off length) (#4779)
Change hearing event handlers to player only event handlers (#2627, #4727)
Change overpressure config on 2a70 (used on the bmp-3/bmd-4; it has a very low muzzle velocity) (#4691, #4770)
Change use new private syntax for winddeflection PFH (#4761)
Code cleanups and overhauls of certain modules (#4818, #4813, #4562, #4580)
Decrease concertina "dismount" time (#4812)
Improved readability of the ATragMX's gun list. Sometimes the last part of long gun names were brutally truncated. No more cutting names sho (#4669, #4674)
Sent AI medics back to medical school so they don't fail to perform their duty in some situations (#4797, #4800)
Simplify config crawling in nouniformrestrictions (#4782)
Simplify huntIR configs using += and issue it to RHS' M320 (#4521, #4199)
The "tap shoulder" uses a spiffier non movement blocking animation (#4577, #4578)
The .408 CheyTac has another brother. Say hello to the .408 CheyTac 305gr ammo. (#4667)
The Range card is even more accurate by taking the bore height into account (#4715)
The civilian plane isn't as useless as before, it can now load cargo. A little bit. (#4650)
Update latitude and altitude map data (#4786)
Vastly improved the ACE3 FCS. It doesn't need a compatibility patch anymore. It's perfect on its own now (#4653)
We made the scopes module great again. It doesn't need a compatibility patch as well and it's even more accurate than Arma 3's vanilla zeroing, it's true (#4642)

AI were not properly taught on how to use the Titan or a Javelin (#4856)
Fix AI producing no grenade pin pulling sounds (#4799)
Fix AI thrown flashbangs having no effect (#4799)
Fix Kamaz medical truck being incorrectly set as a repair vehicle (#4850)
Fix ace_particles smoke on arty shells (#4766, #4768)
Fix deprecated AW159 and CH-47I config (#4726)
Fix fastrope options don't show up on ACE interaction sometimes (#4819)
Fix global execution of ammo crate cook off code (#4799)
Fix miscellaneous typos (#4854, #4824, #4816)
Fix missing refuel menu on static fuel station (#4533)
Fix rhs gl smoke causing frag (#4691, #4770)
Fix script error caused by new arguments passed to handleDamage (#4866, #4863)
Fixed AI being too fast with locking and shooting Javelins. We had a talk about how not to cheat or at least how to hide it better (#2686)
Fixed Laser codes not properly updating when turned on. Before it would have no effect until turning it off and on again.(#4677)
Fixed a glitch where Javalins wouldn't be able to lock a target after switching launchers or changing fire modes, total losers (#4625)
Fixed clackers not being usable by other players, sharing is caring (#4687)
Fixed minor issues with scopes, too minor to mention (#4681)
Fixed the range of the dead man's switch "detonate all" feature from unlimited to limited, which seems bad, but it's good (#4688)
Fixed the realistic name of the HK416. Bigger is better, right? right? (#4873)
Fixed various issues with the ATragMX, like dividing through 0. The ATragMX was brought up better than this (#4682)
Some stances shouldn't drain or not drain your precious stamina as they wrongly did. Fingers crossed (#4591)
Tactical Ladder, wasn't tactical enough and threw a script error (#4814, #4815)
The Kestrel 4500 can now be used without having Advanced Ballistics enabled. But why would you? (#4544)

Add some Japanse translations (#4710)
Update SMG_02 base class for 1.66 (#4718 )
AdvFatigue - Remove setVar when removing eh (#4722)
Replace left-over ACE3 waitAndExecute with CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute (#4709)
Fix possible script error when ammo is empty when using advanced throwing (#4743)
Fix error when using self interact without a mine detector (#4742, #4741)
Fix blood drop selection if blood loss is high (#4740 , #4739)

Add RHS MELB Fast Rope compatibility, add 3d debuging of mem points (#4685)
Change mortar to ammo handling weapon on init (#4678)
Advanced Fatigue swimming/diving/crawling tweaks (#4672)
Use head direction for drawing MicroDAGR waypoints (#4670)
Don't compile action menu for playable logics (#4666)
Hide Advanced Fatigue bar on map / spectator (#4655)
ATragMX - Estimate bullet length instead of using a fixed value (#4651)
Allow checking dogtags inside vehicles and when sitting (#4619)
Updates the Ballistics module to support Apex (#4616)
Cookoff ammo selections default values (#4604)
Blocks AI getting back into the vehicle on cookoff (#4587)
Fix Advanced Fatigue for adjusted stances (#4671)
Fix tagTestingThread error (#4662)
Fix Trip Flares script error (#4647)
Fix ammo cook off with certain explosives (#4638)
MedicalAI - Fix treatment animion with no weapon (#4633)
Fix Full Repair menu not shown when damage returns 0 (#4621)
Fix Kestrel4500 wind speed calculation (#4609)
Fix makeJerryCan locality issues (#4600)
Fix cargo find nearest vehicle (#4592)
ACE_Chemlight_Shield not public (#4612)
Remove scrollbars from javelin scope (#4618)
Fixes the ATragMX 'Done' button issue (#4617)
Ballistics - Fixed 6.5mm magazine config (#4641)
Prevent switching to weapon while carrying fuel nozzle (#4629)
Scopes - Updated wiki framework (#4680)

Fix game crash when unit gets hit with extreme amounts of damage (#4574)
Fix vehLock warning about bad func type (#4582)

Add 3den attribute to disable bft (#4452)
Add Draw Straight Lines with maptool (#4410)
Add Functions to perform arithmetic operations on sets (#4514)
Add Laser guidance for all designators (#3308)
Add Show damage on repair items interaction point (#4448)
Add ace2 sys blood port (#4377)
Add ammo box cookoff (#4380)
Add ammo cookoff (#4376)
Add auto add blown off turrets to curator (#4425)
Add dmg materials to spare tracks and wheel (#4450)
Add function to disable dogtags for factions, and disable for civilians (#4539)
Add object attribute to disable cookoff for individual vehicles (#4383)
Add optional pbo to disable cross hair (#4168)
Change Captives - rewrite findEmptyNonFFVCargoSeat (#4348)
Change Disable FCS on RHS helicopters (#4509)
Change End path drawing when passing through Geom/Fire (#4385)
Change Replace ace_common_fnc_stringRemoveWhiteSpace with CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace (#4222)
Change Update for newest JR / 1.64 UBC (#4208)
Change convert log macros to cba versions (#4282)
Change delete "Teleport Players" module after use (#4368)
Change increase red laser alpha, close #4535 (#4541)
Change more immersive dogtag interaction (#4446)
Improve Use waitAndExecute for fatigue loop (#4453)
Fix Ambient Sounds (#4470)
Fix FRIES attach point for unarmed wildcat (#4518)
Fix Medical AI: Filter player medics (#4444)
Fix PCTW error on certain vehicles (#4463)
Fix frag - reflectionsEnabled (#4475)
Fix fuel nozzle disconnect at maximum hose distance (#4525)
Fix going unconscious while fastroping (#4531)
Fix handle RHS impact grenades (RGN/RGO) (#4447)
Fix interaction addActionToX return values (#4461)
Fix show correct elev for mortar with no ammo (#4478)
Fix weather for inherited CfgWorlds (#4360)
Fix broken ace menu in main menu (#4451)
Fix broken parachutes (#4462)
Fix damage materials of repair items (#4466)
Fix fatigue when diving while sprinting (#4516)
Fix formating of CBA version check (#4511)
Fix nocrosshair being in addons and optionals (#4434)
Remove civilian rank icons from nametags (#4538)
Remove deprecated code for 3.8.0 (#4457)
Remove deprecated event handlers (#4459)
Remove deprecated sitting module (#4458)
Remove visible id from the dog tag item (#4480)
Removed aiDispersionCoef for vanilla weapons (#4484)
Add Medical AI documentation (#4407)
Add Advanced Fatigue documentation (#4401)
Escape jekyll code in documentation guidelines page (#4397)
Add version note to yellow Advanced Throwing circle documentation (#4455)
Fix dependencies list prefix that shouldn't exist (#4409)
Add hint to grenades pages for advanced throwing (#4442)
Fix grenade docs base url (#4445)
Remove Laser-SelfDesignate wiki page (#4524)

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