SP mission : Wanderers - Ep 01 by bboy

bboy released in the BI forums first mission of a WIP campaign for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote bboy :
    About project:
    Hi to all community! Long time pass since i did something new for ArmA 2... Well, probably someone asks why I waste my time making campaign for A2 when there is already a A3. I'm not satisfied with the A3 and therefore I still play good old A2 campaigns. One of the best campaigns for A2 I have ever played is FALLOUT. And from there comes the idea to do something similar, but lil' bit different.

    Wanderers should be an A2 campaign (if I ever made it...), not so apocalyptic, but for example in the country where, after a great future war, remained only chaos, a story where the rest of the people in the country are struggling to survive by finding common goods and exchanging them with others for the things that they need. There are lack of water, food, medicines, working cars, hiding places, weapons... For the main map I chosed Chernarus. Main character is the independent guerilla soldier (as you will fighting on independent side).

    I already did the first mission. It should be able to see the essence of the story. Also, there is fully explained briefing. Mission is complete and can be played as single player. I made a small intro but I preparing a nicer one if I decide to make a campaign. This mission is without addons, but (in future) i will put back in the fight our old forgoten characters like O'hara, Herrera, Pierce, Reynolds, Sykes, Rodriguez... but in a slightly different form and release.

Written on 2015-05-08 06:57 by bboy  

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