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Requirements: ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment, Community Base addons A3, RHS: Escalation
Island(s): Altis, Stratis, Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 01-28-2016

Date: 2016-01-28 05:29

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ALiVE RHS | Cold War

maquez [Q-Net]

Zcoop/TVT CTI 12 vs 12 vs 8 - AFRF vs USAF vs Insurgents

dynamic and asymmetric warfare, team versus team battle.

How to play:
  • Objectives: BLUFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own.
    OPFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own.
    INDEPENDENT's main goal is to sneak deep into enemy territory and destroy with explosives military objects.

  • Relations: Independent is hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR
    Civilians are hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR
    Civilians are friendly toward Independent so don't kill them if you play on Independent side, your faction does need them.

  • Squadleader's/Zeus main task is with the use of Zeus set new respawn points and support team with spawn vehicles/equipment.

  • Rules of Engagement for BLUFOR and OPFOR: Observe the Civilians, they may have nasty things in mind !
    Stop search and interrogate suspect civilians, if you find any weapons or explosives then permission is granted to eliminate him.
  • Revive: To revive a unconscious fellow approach him then press key "spacebar".
    To force respawn press and hold "spacebar".

  • Virtual Arsenal: You can change gear/rearm at virtual ammoboxes.
    You can slingload virtual ammoboxes to new respawn positions set by Zeus.

  • Zeus: Only Squadleader is able to access Zeus by pressing key "Y".
    Players can ping Zeus by pressing key "Y".

  • Command and Controll: Provides tools covering map markers, tasks, military reports, intel feeds and group management.
    Players must have Item Radio.
    To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard.

  • Combat Support: A powerful support console allowing players to request AI combat support including helicopters and artillery.
    Players must have Item Radio to submit CS requests.
    Recommended to carry a Laserdesignator marking targets for CAS.
    To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard.

  • Combat Logistic: Provides a dialogue for players to request new vehicles, weapons, defence stores and AI teams from the Military Logistics Force Pool.
    It is essentially a player interface to access the same Military Logistics pool as the AI Commanders.
    To open the ALiVE Tablet press the "menu" key on your keyboard.

  • Disarm IED's: Only Explosive Specialists or players carrying Mine Detectors can detect and/or disarm IEDs.
    IEDs can often be destroyed with controlled explosions or by using large caliber weapons.

  • Civilian Interaction: Ask civilians about personal details such as where they live in order to collect Intel.
    Ask civilians about insurgent activity in the area.
    Ask civilians about nearby civilians that may be preparing to commit an act of terror.
    Order civilians to "Get Down", "Go Away", or "Detain" them in order to maintain control over the situation.

  • R3F Logistics: With use of R3F Logistics you are able to stow cargo into vehicles and transport it to destination.
    Virtual ammobox will respawn at base if destroyed while in cargo.
    You can toggle on/off in mission parameters.

  • Installation:
    The download links to Steam Workshop. Subscribe there and it will be downloaded to your game.

    dedicated server recommended
    mission loads freaky slow!
    apart of Stratis and Takistan version, you need a fast and up to date server/computer to run these missions!
    I do NOT give any support if you run mission with other addons than the required ones!

    Please wait a few seconds at mission start, scenario needs to load a lot of data!
    I did not set mission persistence for ALiVE WarRoom, feel free to unpack mission
    set all ALiVE modules to persistent and add the ALiVE Database module.
    R3F Logistics is configured for ALiVE persistence but also disabled, ALiVE wiki Supported Scripts
    you can enable it by removing the "//".
    ALiVE wiki Database, ALiVE wiki Persistence

    This mission is NOT intended to work in singleplayer! But you can host it LAN.
    This mission is still WIP, I may alter or release certain restrictions from license the mission is considered as stable.
    This mission will be updated frequently, for most up to date version download from googledrive.

    *This mission is released under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC-ND*

    You are permitted to edit, tweak or change the mission however please read and agree to the following below.

    -- You must NOT re-release the mission to the BIS forums or any other distribution platform.
    -- You may alter or change the mission for ONLY personal or group/unit use.
    -- User must state somewhere clearly that it was built using ALiVE RHS | Cold War.
    -- ALL headers in files must REMAIN UN-EDITED. However you may add a line Edits By: (author) if you do minor changes.
    -- Do NOT mirror the mission on any distribution platform.

    Steam Workshop:
    - Subscribe - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Altis)
    - Subscribe - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Stratis)
    - Subscribe - ALiVE | Cold War (Altis)
    - Subscribe - ALiVE RHS | Cold War (Takistan)

    Credits & thanks:
    * maquez [Q-Net]

    Special Thanks
    * Storm
    * DE_MOON
    Bohemia Interactive
    ALiVE Dev Team
    RED HAMMER Studios
    Community Upgrade Project

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
    - Community Base addons A3
    - RHS: Escalation (Optional)
    - Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete (Optional)

    External download:

    ALiVE RHS | Cold War

    Enable javascript to be able to download from Armaholic please!

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