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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
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Date: 2008-03-28 20:03

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Bdfy & Volksturm

This addon will add the MiG-15bis fighter from the Soviet Era.

- full functional cockpit.
- some variants of arms.
- onboard numbers.
- full multiplayer compatibility and some effects.

Extract the file to your ArmA\Addons directory or as we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files

Name in the editor:            Config class:

MiG-15bis (fighter-bomber)        mig15bis
MiG-15bis (fighter)                    mig15bis2
MiG-15bis (4xFAB-100)              mig15bis3

List of magazines available:
"160Rnd_HP_23","40Rnd_H37", "16Rnd_ORO57","2xFAB_100","2xFAB_250"

Weapons list:

There's also invisible targets added

LibIETA   - invisible target man east
LibIWTA   - invisible target man west
LibIGTA   - invisible target man resistance
LibICTA   - invisible target man civil

LibIAETA   - invisible target armoured east
LibIAWTA   - invisible target armoured west
LibIAGTA   - invisible target armoured resistance
LibIACTA   - invisible target armoured civil

LibIIETA   - invisible target IR east
LibIIWTA   - invisible target IR west
LibIIGTA   - invisible target IR resistance
LibIICTA   - invisible target IR civil

LibILETA   - invisible target Laser east
LibILWTA   - invisible target Laser west
LibILGTA   - invisible target Laser resistance
LibILCTA   - invisible target Laser civil

Minimum scripts are used to ensure maximum performance and MP compability.
Random board numbers can be set in editor via script.
Examples (put this line into unit init field):
[this,1968] exec "\mig15bis\scripts\set_num.sqs"
1968 - any number from 0 to 9999
[this,random (9999)] exec "\mig15bis\scripts\set_num.sqs"
thus you'll get random number

Known issues:
- Low quality shadows sometimes seen with shadow quality set to high/very high
Solution: use "normal" shadows setting

- Rockets/Bombs can only be fired in pairs
Solution: not a bug, but a feature

Legal disclaimer:
ATTENTION! All rights on given addon belong to Bdfy & Volksturm. Usage of any components of file mig15bis.pbo (models, textures, animations, sounds, scripts etc.) and original ideas in your own projects without the permission of Bdfy & Volksturm is forbidden.

Using addon or any component of addon in commercial purposes is prohibited.

Thanks & Credits:
Thanks to Lester ( for original ofp addon concept.
Thanks to OTK team for beta testing.

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- Armaholic

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