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LAxemann and Jokoho482 released an updated version of the DynaSound soundmod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    DynaSound 2.0 is a sound modification for ArmA3 and all of it's DLCs. It mainly focuses on weapon- and explosion sounds, however all helicopters as well as the Xi'an VTOL were redone, too.

    • All weapon sounds were redone, mainly using high-quality recordings.
    • Shooting from inside a building reduces the distance one can be heard.
    • A differenciated and thoughtfully mixed soundscape. Due to a higher dynamic range and less compression, you can and have to turn your volume up in order to bring out the details and punch!
    • Custom bullet supersonic cracks as well as subsonic "swooshs".
    • All helicopters as well as the Xi'an VTOL were redone .
    • Distant-sounds for helicopters.
    • Flyby sounds for helictopers as well as the Xi'an VTOL.
    • Rocket flyby sounds. "swiush!"
    • Incoming rocket sounds for the MLRS. Usually is the last thing you hear.
    • New explosion sounds
    • When firing a rocket, the engine sound actually originates from the rocket and is moving away from you. Try the MLRS!

Written on 2016-12-25 13:37 by Armaholic  

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