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Requirements: Ravage Mod, Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis, Chernarus, Chernarus Summer, Chernarus Winter
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.0.4Z

Date: 2015-12-19 18:26

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ROADZ is the "Zombie" version of ROADS, the survival mission inspired by the RAVAGE Showcase.

After the White Plage Pandemia and the World Wat that followed, Altis is a ravaged and hostile land
covered by bandits of differents sidesn renegades and survivors.

On the very early hours of this cold morning of december 2041, you were trying to rally a survivors camp with a friend of yours when your truck was ambushed on the small ROADS of Altis.
The truck is on fire, both of you left dead in the picht black night.....

dead ????? ... maybe not so dead.....

ROADZ is survival oriented, single player, semi randomized and open to the whole world of Altis.
Made exclusively for RAVAGE mod, ROADZ, as its previous version "ROADS", is made to be mod friendly with listed recommanded mods below.
You'll be able to enjoy all of the RAVAGE functionalities and some exclusive functions brought to RAVAGE by ROADZ.

what's inside ROADZ:
RAVAGE offers:
    - post-apocalytic world and atmosphere
    - infected humans

    - bandits squads

    - renegades

    - survivors (may join you on demand)

    - abandonned vehicles you'll need to repair and refuel is you find the required items to.

    - radiations zones

    - survival system to survive (need to eat, drink, heal yourself )

    - Loot system to find what you'll need (or not...)

    - animals hunting to survive (WIP still Arma 3 updates broke AI animals functionality )

ROADZ offers:
    - 1x time factor (defaut RAVAGE is x4 )
    - Random gear, uniform and weapons on spawn (exclusive for ROADZ, not available for ROADS)

    - Random spawn points (14 aeras to spawn on the whole Island)

    - camps, bases and seized towns by Bandits where you can find assets if you're not killed.

    - Survivors customized QuadBikes (random spawn) with condition depending on RAVAGE vehicles module.

    - SFX atmosphere : dust storm that reduce visibility

    - SFX NVG: altered NVGs (if you find some) as Radiations damaged NVGs tubes, cannot aim any standard rifle scope with NVG (but you might find NVG Rifle scope if lucky enough)

    - enlarged gear, uniforms, weapons and accessory list for several friendly mods (see list below): wil spawn all AIs with customized gears, uniforms, accessories and weapons

    - specific ROADZ loot system in addition of RAVAGE's one for extra weapons, uniforms and items in Trashpiles and crates : searching into a aera once, maybe twice till it is empty and no more searchable

    - reaming function for your armed car (if you seize one) from another armed car

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

Known issues:
- "missing locations" error on Chernarus maps, for this reason lights are "ON" at night and most spawning functions of RAVAGE might fail (wrecks, random squads)
- some errors messages due to CUP terrain pack (click OK and go on playing the mission )
- spawning at the begining of the mission without dead buddy and burning truck: restart the mission.

Recommended mods:
the gameplay can/will be highly upgraded with a few mods I recommand.
none of those mods is required, there is no dependency to any of them.
you might choose the ones you want for your favorite weaponry.

not required but can't do without for a real good experience:
    Enhanced Movement improved movements to climb, jump... but also enhanced NVG SFX to improve the specific effect made for the mission (damaged night vision )
    Incognito by RYDYGIER (winner of MANW contest with PILGRIMAGE) will allow you to stay incognito in some specific occasion... and maybe to be stealth enough for some actions
    MOCAP hand to hand close combat, takedown.....will help with Incognito to be close enough to bandits and to kill them with bare hands when you have holstered your gun of left it behind you.
    TRYK's Uniforms custom uniforms to improve the atmosphere of RAVAGE

    Nato-Russians SF Weapons by Massi
    USSOCOM-75th Rangers-DEVGRU by Massi
    UK Special Forces by Massi
    Italian SOF by Massi
    Russian GRU OMON Spetsnaz by Massi
    Flay Archery by Mr Flay
    RH Pistol pack by Robert Hammer
    RH Accessories by Robert Hammer
    M4 Super 90 benelli Shotgun by Purple
    Spanish Army mod FFAA by FFAA Team
    GPNVG-18 mod by Teeha and Warlord554
    B&T MP-9/ MP-45 by Alwarren and GvsE
    RHARD_MK18 by Robert Hammer and ArdVarkdb

see also RAVAGE's Thread "recommanded mods section"

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- BI forums

- Ravage Mod
- Community Base addons A3

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