Author: NeoArmageddon
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.12.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Community Upgrade Project aims at importing all released assets from previous ArmA games into Arma 3, upgraded to fit closely with the quality and standards of the ArmA 3 assets.

Date: 2018-12-31 09:31

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CUP Terrains Core

CUP Team

The Community Upgrade Project brings you CUP Terrains, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)".
It builds upon the work done by kju for AiA TP and brings all of BI's iconic terrains to ArmA 3 as well as all the amazing 3rd-party terrains created by the community.
CUP Terrains maintains full backwards compatibility to A3MP and AiA TP - no need to adjust any missions or maps.

CUP Terrains is modular, so there are different downloads available:
  • CUP Terrains Complete:
      CUP Terrains, featuring everything - all the data and the BI terrains
  • CUP Terrains Core:
      CUP Terrains Core, featuring only the data necessary for the terrains, but none terrain itself. Useful for those who only want to use CUP Terrains with 3rd-party terrains. But beware: some 3rd-party maps might be dependent on BI terrains.
  • CUP Terrains Maps:
      CUP Terrains Maps, featuring only the maps created by BI - needs CUP Terrains Core to work. If you only want a part of the terrains featured here, just delete the respective pbo-files of the maps you don't want. But beware: there might be interdependencies between terrains.
  • Cup Terrains CWA:
      Cup Terrains CWA contains the iconic terrains from Operation Flashpoint/Arma: Cold War Assault. Kindly donated by the CWR2 team. Depends on CUP Terrains Core And CUP Terrains Maps.
In short:
The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2
[+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game,
and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.

Included maps:
Southern Sahrani
United Sahrani
Proving Grounds
Takistan Mountains

Some highlights of this initial release include (but are not limited to):
Full backwards compatibility with all missions and maps created with A3MP or AiA TP
Inclusion of ibr_plants from the awesome IceBreakr
Updated vegetation and rocks to A3 standards (thanks to ThreeDots)
Midrange textures for A1 terrains
Inclusion of ASCZ AIA TP Map Fixes
and a lot of small bugfixes

All BI terrains from A1, A2, OA and its DLCs
Allows the use of most community made terrains from A1/A2/OA in A3
Makes it possible to port and play game modes/missions from previous Arma titles in A3
Preview images in terrain selection
New A3 tech lighting and street lamps
Adjusted object penetration and impact effects
Dust from infantry and vehicle movement
Correctly falling walls and trees
More organic landscape textures for Chernarus
Improved A1 and A2 buildings (WIP)
Improved Chernarus grass/clutter (WIP)
Working ponds and no waterline bug on most custom terrains
Undersea life
Falling tree sound
Fully MP compatible
Working save games in SP
Works with ZEUS
No rpt errors and missing strings
Signed version
Extra standalone core data only version
Fast and simple all-in-one download via steam workshop or mega/google drive or Play withSIX

To install the CUP Terrains Core you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Active Team:
Sacha Ligthert

Passive Team / Supporter:
Hermann Denk

ShackTactical (zx64, Bricks, Rspctd, Renzol)

[GLT] Legislator
Special thanks to contributors from AiA TP
Karel Mořický
Fabio_Chavez (screenshots, more screenshots, videos)
Reyhard (A2 Island Fixes)
Picolly (LandTex)
M1lkm8n, Bad Benson, and NonovUrbizniz

* Version number bump (no data changes)
Fixed a wrong dependency of the latest hotfix to CUP Terrains Maps

* added missing cup_terrains_roadfix.pbo that should have been in release 1.11.1
^ Increased version number of core package to 1.11.2

1.11.1 (27|Dec|2018)
* roadfix- Added Hotfix PBO from A2 community terrains that are know to inherit from Chernarus, Utes or Takistan and not define their own roadshapefiles.
* cup_terrains_ca_buildings,ca_structures_e - Fixed occluders for multiple cabuildings and House_K_5_EP1.p3d - Fixes T2423, T2524, T2541
* worlds - Changed inheritance for EnvSounds to reflect changes in A3 base config
* worlds - Eased the effect of climate change: No more snow on Chernarus in early autumn.
* worlds - Made all baseclass definitions for Chernarus (Summer and Winter) CAWorld (this also fixes snow in summer)
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Fixed: Ambient alpha on tree tunk (fixed T2825)
* cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Updated barGate2 door actions.
* cup_terrains_maps_chernarus_winter,maps_chernarus_winter_c,winter_plants - Normalized all p3d names in winter plants to prevent possible mixups
* winter_plants - Tagged some editor classes for winter plants to prevent mixups with other maps (this may throw an error in missions on winter chernarus being made between 24.12 and hotfix day when plants were placed manually)
* winter_plants - Removed duplicated editor classes in winter plants
* cup_terrains_winter_sounds - Removed config from winter sounds because it was added to early

1.11.0 (21|Dec|2018)
* maps_saralite - RVMATs for saralite surface textures
* cup_terrains_ca_cti_buildings - Added missing class Rotation to master model.cfg
*cup_terrains_ca_plants_e2 - Initial commit of missing summer trees.
* cup_terrains_ca_plants_e2 - Summer Bushes
* cup_terrains_ca_roads_e - Added reverse version of ASF1 end texture for use with polyline roads.
* cup_terrains_ca_roads2 - Added reverse texture for mud_gravel_konec_reverse_ca.paa
* cup_terrains_ca_structures,ca_structures_e,ca_structures_pmc,cwa_misc, - Added python script for fixing/adding class=pond named property to ponds
* winter_roads - Added Winter road retexes for Winter Chernarus.
* winter_roads - Added winter roads pbo
* cup_terrains_maps_chernarus_winter - Chernarus Winter: Added some more detail textures
* winter_objects,winter_roads - Added retextured version of road bridges (only road texture replaced for now)
* winter_animals,worlds - Added Ambient hpp for winter terrains
* winter_animals - Added Rabbit with white fur for winter terrains (base from A3 samples)
* cup_terrains_winter_animals - Added winter hiddenSelection texture to white rabbit in preparation for an Rabbit_f.p3d update with hiddenSelection.
* cup_terrains_winter_objects - Added: All Railroad pieces retextured for Winter
* cup_terrains_winter_objects - Added: Winter retexture of moss-covered wall
* cup_terrains_winter_objects - Added: Snow/Ice on Sidewalks
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added 4 more trees
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added all bushes
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added all Chernarus Trees as winter versions
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added first five winter bushes.
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added more trees
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added: First batch of new Winter trees
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added: Seasonal Tree (WAR ON CHRISTMAS!)
* cup_terrains_winter_plants - Added: Two more winter plants
* cup_terrains_winter_sounds - Added winter sounds configs and dummy files
* cup_terrains_worlds - Added: Preview videos, intros and picture shot for Chernarus Winter
* cup_terrains_ca_buildings,ca_structures_e - Fixed occluders for multiple cabuildings and House_K_5_EP1.p3d - Fixes T2423, T2524, T2541
* cup_terrains_ca_ca_c - Fixed cfgSurface >> SandBeach >> maxSpeedCoef, typo
* cup_terrains_ca_ca_c - Potential fix for vehicle handling on Takistan - Ref T2427
* cup_terrains_ca_plants_e2 - Fixed p_carduus_summer.p3d file path for general_plant.rvmat
* cup_terrains_ca_plants2 - Fixed typo in trunk rvmats for Pinusn trees (typo bug all the back from Arma2)
* cup_terrains_ca_sounds_c_dummy,ca_sounds_dummy - Added some missing music sound files - T2660
* cup_terrains_ca_structures,ca_structures_e - Fixed RVMATs ambient and diffuse on a couple of buildings from A2 and OA.
* cup_terrains_ca_structures,ca_structures_e - Fixed shadow on A2 military house.
* cup_terrains_ca_structures,ca_structures_e,ca_structures_pmc, - Fixed "warn: Shape '???'" error from ponds (using class=pond in geometry LOD)
* cup_terrains_ca_structures,ca_structures_e,ca_structures_pmc,cwa_misc, - Fixed non-convex component in view geometry of Barn_W_02.p3d
* cup_terrains_ca_buildings - Improved Panelak2/3 removed hole from roof, roof access still available via lift shaft
* cup_terrains_ca_buildings,ca_buildings_c - P3D class=house for pletivo_wired_branaL/L_civil/P, plot_green_vrat_l/o/r, plot_rust_vrat_l/r, Plot_Wood_door (will require rebinarize wrp to be animated on 3rd party maps
* worlds - Moved all Chernarus stringtable names to CUP Worlds pbo
* cup_terrains_ca_misc,ca_misc_acr,ca_misc_acr_c,ca_misc2,ca_misc3_c,ca_structures - P3D class=house for barbgate, terc_postava, A_MunicipalOffice(clock hands have animations), popupTarget, Shed_Ind02_dam (will require rebinarize wrp to be animated on 3rd party maps)
* ca_plants_e2 - ACR plants and bushes now uses new shaders.
* ca_plants2 - Arma 2 plants and bushes now uses new shaders.
* cup_terrains_ca_plants_e - Operation Arrowhead plants and bushes now uses new shaders.
* ca_plants_pmc - PMC plants and bushes now uses new shaders.
* cup_terrains_ca_plants_e2 - Tweaks to various summer trees RVMATS.
* cup_terrains_ca_plants2 - Tweaked various autumn tree colours.
* cup_terrains_cwa_buildings,cwa_buildings_c - P3D class=house for cwa_pletivo_wired_branaL, cwa_plot_green_vrat_l/o/r/vrata (will require rebinarize wrp to be animated on 3rd party maps)
* cup_terrains_maps_desert2 - P3D class=house for cup_terrains_maps_desert2/data/Prop/Toilet.p3d
* cup_terrains_winter_animals - Removed A3 sample Rabbit (less lods than A3 rabbit)

Version 1.4.2 (11|Jan|2018)
Updated mod.cpp version number to 1.4.2

Version 1.4.2 (11|Jan|2018)
* Fixed Bad proxy objects - closes issue T2336
* Fixed occluder issue with Land_ammostore2/Land_cwa_ammostore2 - closes issue T2337
* Fixed opening second ammobox inside Land_ammostore2/Land_cwa_ammostore2
* Fixed Land_Pumpa, now able to use pump more than once
* Fixed Land_HouseV_1I4 Fire Geo
* Fixed Destructible Windows on Land_A_Hospital
* Fixed Land_A_Villa, opening top door - closes issue T2355
* Fixed floating Land_Mil_Guardhouse_ep1
* Fixed re-added CUP_Animations_Data / CUP_Animations_Config back to cfgPatches (pbo was removed in previous release)
* Fixed Alpha on ibr_plantsclutter_grass_flowers
* Fixed Face Normal on multiple p3ds
* Improved Land_A_Hospital, AI Paths added for ground floor + AI can enter through broken windows
* Improved Land_A_Hospital, can now open front sliding doors
* Improved Land_A_Office Open/Close Door Detection
* Moved CUP_Terrains_World/Weather to its own pbo CUP_Terrains_Weather to prevent circular dependencies when using snow.

Version 1.4.1 (18|Dec|2017)
* New Door Detection for buildings
* Fixed some missing textures from some cup_terrains_ca_cti_buildings
* Fixed CfgSkeleton entries without cup prefix
* Fixed outdated version of A3 runway lights were being used
* Fixed Doors on Land_Misc_Cargo1Bo_EP1 - closes issue T2295
* Fixed animations for opening/closing Trashcans
* Fixed CUPS_fnc_emissiveLights, doesn't turn on light texture if the light is destroyed - closes issue T2124
* Fixed Land_Mil_Guardhouse_EP1, can open/close doors again - closes issue T2316
* Fixed Land_Lamp_Small_EP1, Land_Lamp_Street1/2_EP1, Land_Lampa_Ind_EP1, lights can be destroyed - closes issue T1728
* Fixed Land_PowLines_Conc2L_EP1, light can be destroyed - closes issue T1916
* Improved AI Opening Doors to some buildings - closes issue T2025
* Improved A_StationHouse, added new ladder detection to top ladder. Can't use ladder to glitch through wall anymore.
* Improved CUPS_fnc_emissiveLights, optimized script. Can also be disabled if ((missionConfigFile >> "CUPS" >> "Terrains" >> "DisableLampCheck") isEqualTo 1) - closes issue T2301
* Updated Remaining Surface Textures for Parallax Changes - closes issue T1121
* Removed cup_terrains_ca_animations_dummy pbo

Version 1.4.0
* Hanged man and mass grave items are now available in 3DEN and Zeus ( T2153 )
* Added closed variants of some buildings ( T1939 )
* Macro for doors in config.cpp animationSources entry - statement
* Fixed geometric occluders on HouseBlock, HouseV_2L, Terrace_K_1_EP1, and House_L_1_EP1
* Fixed RVMATs with syntax errors
* Fixed animation and RPT error on Vez_ropa - Fixes T1318
* Fixed RPT errors and path issues in a few of the structures_e/HouseC damaged models
* Fixed view geometry missing on a bunch of HouseBlock ruin models
* Fixed white pixels on furthest distance LOD of t_picea3f
* Removed a loose piece of view geometry from A_BuildingWIP.p3d
* Fixed geometric occluders on some sheds
* Fixed view/fire geometry on part of the A_BuildingWIP_ruins.p3d
* Fixed a benign HouseBase RPT error
* Fixed a few objects trying to use RVMATs with two UVSets while one of their LODs only had one UVSet
* Fixed a few rocks missing roadway texture
* Fixed bone errors from GateSkeleton, and runway lights when using Arma 3 Diag
* Fixed geometric occluders on A_Mosque_big_wall_corner_EP1.p3d and House_C_11_EP1.p3d
* Fixed House_C_11_EP1.p3d using wrong UVSet for second LOD
* Fixed several dozen objects with slightly misconfigured geometry LODs, most notably view geometry of some trees
* Fixed missing component on a couple of Misc_WoodPile.p3d's geometries
* Fixed second UVSet error on SS_hangar.p3d, and Misc_WoodPile.p3d
* IBR Objects received an _IBR Tag at the end - Classname duplication
* buildings2 addon completely updated to new animationNames for Doors - adjusted animations, that animateSource 1 is opening and animateSource 0 is closing of doors.
* buildings2 - several buildings updated from dvereN to Door_N and new animateSource command
* Added geometric occluder to Wall_IndCnc2_3
* Added breakable glass to WarfareBAirport
* Added material to fire geometry of several buildings2/Ind_CementWorks/Ind_SiloVelke models
* improved rvmats and textures for Arma 2 trees and bushes
* improved rvmats for pretty much all of the buildings roads and stuff
* all buildings (should) be updated to new animationSource Namings - Some new door animations added
* updated ca_buildings - All Animated Models updated to new StandardNaming of Doors and Glass. - Multiple closed Buildings exchanged with open Versions. Multiple Non-Animated Models received a animated Doors and some also Glass. I hate Commit Messages.
* Arma 2 ground clutter now uses Arma 3 RVMAT settings.
* Better RVMATs for Arma 2 autumn trees.
* Most of the trees have been edited so distand lods fit the near view better.
* updated HouseV2_XX for further inspection (Occluder problems)
* cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Removed classes which were overwritting vanilla classes, causing proxy flags to not work on vehicles/characters on CUP Terrains
* "buildings2HouseBlocks" - Several Models - Roadway-LOD reworked / path's added
* Last files in buildings2 updated to new Door_N and Glass_N Names
* structures_pmc - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names
* missing animationSources added - Ignore Land_Tovarna2 -.- i hate that one. Will be the last.
* modifed - buildings2_c Configs updated to new macro
* HouseBlock_B1_ruins.p3d - Roadway updated (1st Push, lets see what i broke)
* missing entrys in model.cfg - sections added
* buildings(_c), buildings2(_c) and structures(_c) - (hopefully) last changes to the DoorAnims made. - Several Door Animations added to existing Gates
* buildings(2) - several adjustments (Glass Anims/Memory/Geometry)
* buildings(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger... + minor fixes (Tovarna2 fixed (*hate*))
* buildings (_c) rechecked. ToDo Tovarna2 and new Animation for Hangar Gates (follows later)
* Missing land_statek_brana_open added to config. inheriting from land_statek_brana
* misc_e(_c) - DVEEEERRREEEEEEEEEE (updated all doors+Anims)
* Structures(_c) +_pmc(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger ... minor fixes in Axis
* ca_structures - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names. -Several Buildings received additional Glass and/or Door Animations +bugfixes
* structures_e(_c) - Doors (and several glass) Animations added/updated (dvere->door_N) to new AnimationSource naming. Some Door Handle animations added.
* Macro updated with Shutter, Macro for Glass AnimationSource
* modified Door Macro - Statement added - 0 closed - 1 opened -- Examples added
* Shutter AnimationName in condition updated (shutter_N_source -> shutter_N_sound_source)
* ca_water2_dummy - Updated Door Animations

FIXED: Asfalt parallax on Bystrica and Bukovina
FIXED: Missing EnvMaps added to all map configs
IMPROVED: Darkened one of the Proving Grounds surface textures (gz_trava_co)
IMPROVED: Changed Utes ground texture with grass to fit satellite textures better
IMPROVED: Added different kinds of ground clutter for more variety on Utes

+ ADDED: New CWA buildings, objects and associated data
+ ADDED: Animations for the sliding doors on stodola_open.p3d
@ FIXED: Materials in fire geometry of stodola_open.p3d and stodola_old_open.p3d
@ FIXED: RPT errors from view geometry of stodola_old_open.p3d not being convex
@ FIXED: updating base class RPT errors for Fuelstation, Land_Houpacka, and Land_piskoviste
@ FIXED: updating base class RPT errors from ThirskW inheriting CAWorld and Utes in different places
@ FIXED: RPT errors and ladders on panelak2.p3d and panelak3.p3d - Fixes 1419
@ IMPROVED: Tweaked desert lighting
@ IMPROVED: Tweaked Utes, Chernarus, Bukovina, Bystrica grass

+ ADDED: New 1.60 'Visual Update' lighting config for every CUP terrain
+ ADDED: Editor classes and categories
+ ADDED: EDEN configuration and 2224 editor previews for most objects in CUP Terrains.
+ ADDED: A new penetration material for banana trees
+ ADDED: office_chair now has plastic material assigned
+ ADDED: Wood- and glassmaterial to wallboards
+ ADDED: Woodmaterial to conference_table_a
+ ADDED: Materials to 29 furniture objects
+ ADDED: Materials to 52 A1 rocks
+ ADDED: New materials for A_Office02
+ ADDED: Material on A_CraneCon
+ ADDED: Merged in some improved PMC plants textures from AiA and OA
+ ADDED: New A1 legacy bargate (just differes in alignment and rotation from A2 zavora_2)
+ ADDED: Flags in EDEN
- REMOVED: A1/A2 placeholder configs for 2D editor (still accessible through scope=1 but not advised)
- REMOVED: Lighting from CAWorld
- REMOVED: Buildings from ibr_plants that were interfering with other CUP buildings
@ FIXED: RPT spam due bones and invalid geometry
@ FIXED: Fence plot_green_draty is not bulletproof anymore
@ FIXED: Railway collision (thanks to Reyhard)
@ FIXED: A_Office01 was missing important named properties (proxies and collision works again)
@ FIXED: A1 plants now should all have correct material assigned (bushes not bullet proof anymore)
@ FIXED: Banana plant is not a yellow pole anymore
@ FIXED: Floating A3 clutter
@ FIXED: A1 building brana02
@ FIXED: Some core objects were using textures from zargabad pbo
@ FIXED: Broken texture in PowGen_Big_EP1 at a certain distance
@ FIXED: Alphachannel borders on b_canina2s
@ FIXED: Parallax of utes ground texture
@ FIXED: Takistan rocks were penetratable by bullets and AI vision
@ FIXED: Position numbering in A_Office01
@ FIXED: Improved view- and firegeometry of some A2 trees
@ FIXED: Texture and material of lampazel
@ FIXED: CUP Terrains Core interfering with A3 landing lights
@ FIXED: Moving geometries on A1 containers when animated
@ FIXED: Animation of benzina_schnell
@ FIXED: fuelstation and fuelstation now correctly serve as refueling point
@ FIXED: CUP Terrains config overriding A3 baseclasses
@ FIXED: Various requiredAddons related errors
@ FIXED: Dark water with 'Visual Update'
@ IMPROVED: A2 rocks are now using granite material instead of concrete
@ IMPROVED: Improved firegeometry on many A1 foliage
@ IMPROVED: Swapped strange concrete texture on Chernarus with original A2 concrete texture
@ IMPROVED: Improved view and fire geometry on OA oil tower
@ IMPROVED: Dirt material is now loaded from A3
@ IMPROVED: Stringtables
@ IMPROVED: Fire- and viewgeometry of takistan rocks
@ IMPROVED: Improved surface sounds on A2 terrains (louder footsteps, improved impact sounds, etc)
@ IMPROVED: Cleanup of penetration materials
@ IMPROVED: Material and geometry of benzina_schnell, fuelstation and fuelstation
@ IMPROVED: hut01 and hut02 materials
@ IMPROVED: Reenabled infinite terrain synth (seems like BI fixed it)
@ IMPROVED: Moved 'Weather' class definitions to DefaultWorld
@ IMPROVED: Fire- and shadowgeometry of Company3_2
O MOONED: CUP Terrains is now using A3's moon

ADDED: Editor entries for A1 and A2 objects
ADDED: Support for MapBuilder
FIXED: Missing AiA TP compatibility entries
FIXED: Wrong faction configuration leading to potential CTD when using 3DEN
FIXED: Bargate rotated by 90° on ArmA2 maps
ATTENTION terrain creators: those of who you already compensated the wrong rotation on their ArmA3 terrains, might need to compensate that again
IMPROVED: Different signature keys for Core and Maps (Full will be signed with Core + Maps)

- initial release

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