Unit Map Icon Set by W0lle
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W0lle released his Unit Map Icon Set on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I created this map icon set for Cold War Rearmed² because the default ArmA2 icons just were not good enough anymore.
    The icons are based on a draft I found in some magazine years ago. I scanned them and finally found time to fix them up and made own additions.

    Eventually this set will be useful for some more people so I decided to share it with whoever is interested.
    As you have noticed already, there’s many more icons than in stock ArmA are. By using these icons, you have different icons for e.g. a light anti-tank-gunner, for an AT-gunner and a heavy AT-gunner. There’s an icon for a light machine gunner as well as a machine gunner and so on. The only problem is that the units still have the icon even when they have no more anti-tank-weapon or machine gun. But that’s the same with the default icons. Nothing can be done here, unfortunately.
    The source file is available on request, but you need CorelDraw to edit them as I’ve done them there years ago.

    Finally, please note that these icons are for addon/mod creators only. These files are of no use for a mission designer at all.

Written on 2015-12-27 10:21 by W0lle  

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